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Talking pays off

Some of us talk fast. Some of us talk too much. Some people say so much of interest that we sit up all night just listening. And there are professional conversationalists.

Who knew?
Louisa May Alcott’s father was a professional conversationalist. Amos Bronson and his wife, Abigail May, wrote “Lift Up Your Soul.”
[see google books, The Moral Compass: Stories for a Life’s Journey by William John Blount, page 538]

What is a professional conversationalist?
A person in this profession has conversation for money. Bronson Alcott often lived for a period of time in a home. His sole responsibility was to provide stimulating conversations. While entertaining, it was also a way of continuing his profession of teaching. And support his family. Being a skilled conversationalist is an asset in relationships and business. 

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A bumpy ride

Things are so different today.  Art and artists have too often been expendable.  Without a patron, it was difficult to become an artist. 

The life of an artist has too often been a difficult one. And yet, we are surrounded by the work of talented people. It is in the genes.

Did you hear “Artists don’t eat, but teachers do.” (Less relevant today!)  Or, “Doodling on your school papers?”, “Wasting  time reading? Do something!

If you think you cannot be an artist because you can not draw ‘a straight line’, you have only to study a few modern artists’ works!

Visual art may be what we think of when talking about artists. But there so many ways to be creative.  Natural talent is seldom sustainable for the long run without the intervention of some training. ‘No talent’ is often just a  lack of confidence. Make a  list of all you do or daydream about and you will be convinced of your creative abilities.  Be sure to add appreciation and support of others!

 What would you do when you hear the above comments about becoming an artist? Some say they have to write, to dance, to compose.  No amount of criticism or responsiblities can stop them.
Take note of people, who against all odds, find ways to inspire others.

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