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This artist was so generous with his work and sponsorship of dealers. His art will stand the test of time.

Romare Bearden's Centennial Celebration Romare Bearden was born September 2nd, 1911, making this Friday his Centennial! Best known for his richly detailed collages, artist Romare Bearden experimented with many different media types throughout his life.  Not only was he a celebrated artist, Bearden was also a humanitarian, author, poet, songwriter, educator and civil rights activist – a true renaissance man. Celebrate with us by looking at samples of Bearden's work and quotes from criti … Read More

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Are not the standards of beauty made in comparison to nature?
Art – In the most general use of the word covers all of our existence. The complexity of form and the ingenious palette of colors in nature can not be duplicated or described. No matter how hard we try, perfection can never be achieved. Our role is to be aware of our surroundings and to preserve them as best we can.

Also we speak of “inner beauty.” The artist uses his or her vision to evoke a response or to release his/her emotion.

The term art may also refer to the tools used. Is it sculpture? Painting? Music? Design? Writing? What style within the broad group is the artist using?

It gets complicated to put art into words. But you get the meaning.

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