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A working definition must blend the perspective of old views with new expanding understanding. Remember scientists once were convinced the earth was flat. The otherness of conquered peoples made for unfortunate fears. We have moved from what we know in our narrow experience to the explosion of knowledge.

HISTORY has been more difficult to define than trying to define ART. Perhaps it is because art is ‘doing’ while ‘history’ was “living.” Schools taught it by dates. “Such and such happened” in a particular year or era. It was hard to know anything else was happening at that time. We focused on one leader, one war, one artist, one issue at a time. Our lives were going 50 miles an hour. Now life is much faster and facts are distilled to a “link.”

Are we feeling smarter or bewildered? Each of us makes our own history. How we preserve it depends on the hints we leave for future researchers. Plan for permanence. Lost arts (letter writing) and new electronics give clues to the problem. Consider how you can memorialize your life now before it is too late.

Who knew?
GoodReader app has books, music, radio broadcasts going back as far as you can imagine. They can be viewed online. There are other options shown. For example, they can be borrowed from libraries or bookstores. Some are from google, many are uploaded and/or corrected by the general public.

This site takes some practice. [Note: I wanted to hear Al Jolson singing a particular song for sentimental reasons.] There are many old radio broadcasts available. The app is not free but very worthwhile.

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