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The light goes on and you have the greatest idea. Is it the picture you want to paint? Is it the song with the music running around in your head? Sometimes you have to think a long time just to be sure it persists. You want to stop dreaming. Get to work while the idea is still fresh.

So what stops you?
Small things like a job or family responsibility. That is good.
Do not know how to succeed. That is so-so good.
‘CAN’T draw a straight line’,etc.? That is not an original excuse.
I’ll need supplies I can not afford. You are a creative person. Think out of the box.

If you are a problem-solver in one part of your life, use those skills in your creative endeavors. Consider time management, cost effectiveness, training and instruction, and make a designated place to work. People-persons may need a team to keep on a routine and for moral support. Take your first baby steps each time you want to be an artiste even if you are a professional.

The most important things you have is the idea. “Let’s go shopping” is a creative urge for many. The creative urge needed is to work. Stop talking about it. Enjoy the process more than the completed project! Respect your efforts.

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