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Composer: Fanny Mendelssohn

Emilie18 has written a blog about Fanny Mendelssohn (14 November 1805-14 May 1847) whose life was overshadowed by her brother, Felix. The relationship with her father can not be explained solely on one letter, but he asks her to see her talents as feminine, not to be pursued as a career. Emilie’s post on Fanny and women’s issues merit a reading. It could not be written any better.

My thanks to Emilie18’s blog on Fanny Mendelssohn. A search turned up a free site online of Fanny’s music being played. Check out:
After listening, you may be inspired to find more information about Fanny and Felix. Please share what you find interesting.

Feature: Artist Sarah Webb
An artist who left the U.S. to live in London and is now a successful, internationally known portrait painter. She lived and was educated in the South. She had a passion for the kind of work she specialized in. Her marketing strategy was well thought out and followed. Her success comes from the quality of her painting and her ability to relate to her clients.

Sarah Webb did not get distracted by well meaning advice from people who had not travelled where she intended to go. Her website presents her work. Check out: http://www.sarahwebb.com.

Who knew?
WordPress blogging could be so much fun!

Thankx: to bloggers Amanti Art, Emilie18,and to youTube for content.
Best comment of the week: The video (The Conversationalist) is FAB. Totally hilarious.

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