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Sunday is a day of rest. But we still need to feed the kitty. WordPress, that is. Blogging is a lot like going to community college. Everything is new. It is a challenge to process information. The response and the work in print both satisfy and bewilder.

Eric Boyle does a nice version of If Widhes Were Fishes
Check out this video on YouTube:

Fall with its range of colors is nearly upon us. Thoughts of travel and holiday rituals may bring joy or overwhelming sadness. It is spring with the obvious sense of beginning. For many, fall is an ending. Scientifically, the shedded leaves are no longer needed. Not by the tree. Not at this time. Sometime later in a different form, leaves will be part of the cycle of nature. The colors predict they will be back in the Spring.

Travel ideas
National Geograhic has an interesting website. They list 10 trips on North American trains. The costs are not listed. What fun at a time that planes and cars dominate travel.


Who knew?
Supporting your local theater helps aspiring playwrights and actors. The audience in an intimate space becomes another actor. One actor could be the next Broadway star.

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Note Change:

Narcissus, Hibiscus and Mandrake by Bettye W. Harwell will be easier to follow using the link on the right side of this page. You may also put this link in your browser:


A poem will be added each day until the complete book will be posted.

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