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As promised, this Friday Special will be about the artist, Ernie Barnes, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the charity auction. The auction of Barnes’ work and the start of an Arts Scholarship in his memory brings together a life well lived with an organization dedicated to the continuing education of today’s young people.

A google search of Ernie Barnes (biography) informs his background. Living from 1938 until 2009, it was not always easy to be accepted on teams. He was always an artist. His beginnings were limited in that he was the first in his family to go to college. Through his own efforts, he became a skilled painter of sports activities. He knew what effect he wanted because he had played the game. He made a successful career by drawing on his experiences and working hard at his craft.

Barnes was an example of ‘giving back’ for which he is to be honored. For more information about his life from his perspective read his autobiography, From Pads to Palette (1995.) To read biographical information, including his work as an actor, see

To see Ernie Barnes paintings and prints online or more information about the auction, go to:
This fundraiser will support the work of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF – The Art of Giving Back) and the UNCF Ernie Barnes Memorial Arts Scholarship.  

More students will benefit from educational opportunities through this Arts Scholarship and the continuing work of the UNCF.

 Carole Sorell
National Coordinator, “UNCF – The Art of Giving Back”
(845) 687-9667
(I am not associated with this organization or its programs.)

Who knew?
Giving is more rewarding than receiving.
The pursuit of learning is a lifelong endeavor.
Helping a young person may result in a young person changing the world.

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