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The charcoal portraits and animal studies by this artist are outstanding, They are done with confidence and skill.

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It is a good thing that people are living longer. It is new only in that more people are doing it than in the past. Once again there may be five generations living in one family. Marriages spanning over 60 years barely get mentioned in the news. Not too long ago, it was a major achievement to celebrate the 25th anniversary. Wonder what the gift is after 50 years?

The new Grancys are tough cookies. They are still able to live alone, shop and drive their cars, and even blog! And what do great grandparents email and blog about? There is an immediacy staying in touch with family and friends. The internet is the open university of information. They can win arguments with their children about some small fact by searching ask.com.

The new ‘toys’ provide books and music in the most mobile manner. At least 20 radio programs are on the GoodReader app featuring Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, and Ella Fitzgerald among other memorable stars. These programs date from the 30s and 40s and can be heard as clearly as the night the programs aired.

The grands and great grands may say Al who? But when we were their age, radio was our television or SmartPhone. GoodReader has books published in the 1700s to recently They coded by volunteers. Information tells whether a book etc., can be read online, in a library, borrowed, or purchased. Much more than can be written about! Perhaps, the Grancys are writing their stories. That is more important than any GoodReader app.

The men who live to have great grandchildren may have a name similar to Grancy. I do not know it. We only knew her. See the poem posted today called Victoriae Reginae (on Narcissus, Hibiscus and Mandrake.) I would like to know how they are called in their families. Looking in the mirror, I realize I am the new Grancy.

Who knew?
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It is possible to click into a blog site that seems to have the same name but the content is not by me. This blog is intended to be informative and inspiring. Some may disagree with me (please comment)but I hope they will not find the writing disagreeable.

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