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A Gift
I read the wonderful Happy Birthday ramblingsandrumblings wrote for her brother. It could have been written by me except for two things. My brother and I were separated in birth by four years and one day. He was the oldest. After I was 14 we lived on different coasts. That string, that cord – elastic stretched comfortably over the miles. His protectiveness was understood. But he could tell his friends, “My sister is the one with all the kids; I have the Phd.” We were proud of each other and loving as siblings are. So I understand and enjoy birthday wishes as mine is coming soon. I wont be sad that he is no longer here. He came when he could.

Fifteen minutes
It was so flattering to see my poems highlighted next to ramblingandrumblings’ tribute. Emails were sent and received. I walked a bit taller most of the day. This evening I went back to see my words in print. The day has ended and so have my fifteen minutes. Another worthy poet is in that spot. Congratulations. Walk a little taller. (more…)

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