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One person’s trash may be someone’s treasure. (from an old saying)

The town histories available on the Internet Archives free website provide valuable information about the early times in this country. They describe  the difficulties in settling areas. The natural  beauty of the hills and rivers had to be balanced with the ability to feed and provide security for the families. They read as easily and as wonderfully as current biographies.

The pamphlet about  Cornwall, CT

Beautiful Terrain

"Lookout Vista

explains both the ways in which the settlers and the Indian tribes cooperated as well as the circumstances that tore them apart. The minutes of the first meetings to divide the land, organize the leadership, plan for schools and churches are mentioned in such a way that you know the individuals and their strengths and weaknesses. You understand the reason for starting schools for the Indians, who were considered as undesirables. Intrigue happens when love comes to Cornwall. And unrest develops between  the churches when war (Revolutionary War) and greed arise.

We also are told when the documents no longer exist because someone took or destroyed them. We are grateful for what remained and for the effort the authors took to preserve them along with interpretations of events.

Prepare to spend hours of delightful reading. If you are traveling, take the time to stop at some of these off the road places. See the covered bridges and the hills mentioned in these old town histories. Much of the beauty remains and the people will welcome your visit.

Who knew?

It is easy to put together  your own collections of papers in attractive hard or soft covers. There are still the ways of making books in as complicated a manner you are talented enough to do.  Materials are available at art supply companies, both stores and online. You can invest as much or as little. Artists and journal-keepers are altering books as a recycling and artistic endeavor.

Make a collection of related materials  (drawings, notes, instructions, etc.) as a way of keeping them safe. It says to you and those who come after  “I thought these were worth saving.” The binding machines sold as a craft project are efficient and the covers attractive. Several types of covers and costs are available to choose from. The cheaper ones also come in bright colors to delight and suggest subject matter.

What to save is a personal decision. Letter writing is quickly becoming a lost art and so a bound volume of grandmother’s letters could be a choice. Grandfathers seemed to have that flowing cursive as beautiful as a Turner painting. Most of us can not afford to have the Turner but a book of beautiful penmanship should be preserved.

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