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Friday’s Specials

Of special interest
Meet Sam Lee. He has taken on the task of recording living history using video since 1979. An early opportunity, he turned in to a career and a calling. Nothing seems to deter him because he finds a way to get pass obstacle.

His first video documents children in their own words. He let them learn along with him how to use the techhnology available at the time. This black and white video has recently surfaced and is post on his YouTube account. All of his documentary work may also be seen at:

Who knew?
Advice given to a mother visiting her grown children
1- make a friend of their spouse even if you do not like him or her.
2- keep your thoughts about raising their childre to yourself.
3- pay for your keep. Put a little under the pillow as you leave. (and DO leave)
4- praise them for the work they do. You may think they are underachievers; your investment not used. But if they are working at all, be thankful.
5- take credit for all their good traits. you did a good job.
Life is long. Children can pursue many interests in a long life. They have time to become their parents.

Besides do you want them to come back home?
(This was heard as the airplane was landing.)

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A change of place
Routines are the comfort we say we want. Industries and careers abound explaining and goading us to develop habits to benefit them. If it also will be to our benefit, so much the better.

Eat well: eat our brands. To get the most from your exercise routine, wear our products. To feel well, over-the-counter Medicine-of-the-day will replace the apple. Never mind the side effects. You can ask your doctor.

Routine is good most of the time. Putting your keys in the same place keeps you from losing energy looking for them. Clocks get you up and moving; calendars help map your day.

Routines can also bore us and stop spontenaity. Was it Einstein Who praised imagination? Painting one lighthouse may spark pleasure. But painting only lighthouses could dull your senses. Too much of a good thing is like having a sugar binge.
Who knew?
It was a night to remember. The art show and sale to support the Unitd Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the new The Art Of Giving Back scholarship fund.

Impressive were the paintings in several rooms. A very large numbrr of attendese mingled with those artists who were present. By the red dots, it was a buying crowd.

Among the artists were Paul Goodnight, Charles Alston, Faith Ringgold,

Shake it up. Meet new people. Walk down a different street. Sit on a park bench and watch the ducks. Spend a weekend or a week with your children. They will be glad you came. You will be happy with your boring routine.

Who knew?
The New York event mention

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