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\”Indian Love Call\”

Family Lore – A Favorite Song    

Day on the cover of sheet music for Irene

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 Do you know the name of  your mother’s favorite song? Was it the most popular song of the day? Was it the music your parent danced to while courting? In the 1920s Edith Day was an actress and recording star.  (more…)

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"Bottle Tree"

Capturing Spirits



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A young student covers relevant research tools for historians and genealogists. She explains the sources available to researchers and how they assisted her in interpreting the historical period being studied.

In her view, there are facts, interpretation and bias.  A source in black and white or
produced at the time events took place may not be factual.


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Pronunciation and Meaning

English is not always an easy language to read or speak. It can be a challenge and a great surprise to find things are not always what you have thought.

For example, in researching Civil War records and other pension documents, the handwritten word invalid can be found. Standing alone its sound and meaning are obscure. Invalid was read to mean injured or disabled. Or so it seemed.

Invalid meaning incomplete, not meeting the requirements or  rejected has the researcher going in a different direction. (more…)

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Cover of the first edition of Poems of Passion...

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A little housekeeping about Narcissus, Hibiscus and Mandrake. The entire book of poems and the table of contents have been posted. All will stay for you to read, comment on, or download. Please give the writer’s name, Bettye W. Harwell, as a copyright courtesy.

Any additional poetry will be posted on the After Narcissus page. It is listed as a category for easy access.

Journals and backs of envelopes  will be scoured and scrubbed for additional poems. Longer writings, such as A Date with James Earl Jones, will continue here on: leartisteboots.wordpress.com.

Please follow and subscribe to both if you like them.


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Congratulations. We learn something new everyday.

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Defining terms – lore

Lore means knowledge gained through tradition or anecdote. Like a story that is passed down in generations.


My favorite definition is the surface between the eye and the tongue of a snake.

Family Lore telling stories passed around as truth.
A little embellishment or a whopper? The reader can decide. (more…)

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