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This link prompted the post on Organizing posted Thursday, October 6. It is full of ideas stated in a clear way. The photos are helpful.


Write in style
Looking at other blogs, it is evident that Fridays are an opportunities to share. A variety of subjects are covered by the various writers. For this writer, it seemed a format to resemble the restaurants in this part of the country. A ‘you all come’ and ‘help yourself’ approach to healthy and generous portions of food. The fare is rib-hugging and good. Many set the prices to what the neighbors can afford and offer discounts for seniors. The gray haired and the babies push the tables together for early lunch after church services while the guys are glued to the games on large tv’s. Modern working women may not have Sunday dinners in their dining rooms, but can entertain family style.

At the beach

One fisherman, long pole, bucket, chair
Two fishermen, longer poles standing there
Three fishermen, silent, catching air.

A Narcissus poem was left out because it refused to stay in the format of a bulb.

and layered, its
packaged pages
of beginnings and
endings, of caring
and dying – life
c y c l e s
o n c e
sits in gravelled crystal
making roots, then blooms before
p u l l I n g into itself.

Who knew? 

Such beauty can be seen from the air

"Beauty from the air"

"Snow Peak"


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Organizing for change
It used to be WOMAN’s Day and FAMILY CIRCLE, magazines for women with instructions on how to organize their lives and their families. Not enough seating or money for chairs? Take old newspapers (remember the newspaper?) and make sit-upons. A stack could be pulled out at parties for people young enough to sit on the floor with the expectation they could get up before dawn.

Articles told specifically how to maintain a clean house and a happy family. (COSMOPOLITAN came later with details about romance and keeping one’s husband happy.) That clean house thing always was a problem. Each day had it’s routine things to do. Each week and each month there were those special things added. A list glared at you each day intimidating, and daring a dust ball to be found under the bed.

Those seasonal must-dos were ingrained from our childhood. Twice a year,take the beds out into the sun. Boil water to pour over the frames guaranteeing no bugs for months. Hang the rugs over the clothes line and beat them until the sun was obliterated by a cloud of dust. Wash all bedding and clothes. Throw out the outgrown clothes too worn for hand-me-downs.

That was why we married young: to get away from a routine of work. And cooking and canning and making jellies! What followed would be the joy of seeing labor saving machinery make our lives easier. Or so it seemed until Martha Stewart’s LIVING reminded us that there was still much to be done. Halloween decorations and foods to be made by hand….

It is fall now. The internet is the new source of how-tos. In addition to being the most creative person you can be, we are offered ways to organize the home office. BlogCARFTZINE.COM explains how to make folders to hang on the wall for newspaper clippings, spiral notebooks spread around wherever you may be for the illusive idea. Note: use mechanical pencils as they will not need sharpening.

It is not that these things are not important. They are. Without the calendar on the computer, how would we be notified that the children will be home for Thanksgiving? Their bedrooms will need to be cleaned, special vegan recipes will have to be organized in the spiral notebooks with suggested shopping lists in the folders on the wall. We will not have to look for something to write with when they call.

There will be plenty of time to make the Holiday decorations and to shop before they show up with their children.

Who knew?
There really are a number of good ideas on Flipboard app and many other organzational tools available on the internet. Even in the newspaper!

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