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Friday already?
How often are we so caught up in our lives that we are astonished to learn time has passed so quickly? Diaries and journals remind us that we were indeed participants. The finished and undone plans remain among the pages challenging us to use our time wisely. The hands of the clock, the turning of the calendar page and the falling of the leaves never go in reverse.

The written journey
The flavor of our time, journal-keeping, started for many with the 5 year diary. Its cover locked with a key and about five ruled lines seemed too much space for our young lives. Skip forward to the multitude of writing materials from soft or hard covers, spiral or bound, any color or type of paper and the computer (WordPress). There is no excuse for not having or inventing an interesting life ‘for your children’ to pore over when you are gone. There will always be the trash basket looming.

Commitment to writing
As I neared 80 years old, I began a journal “Approaching Eighty.” In due time, I reached that milestone and needed more of the colorful, spiral, blank paged notebooks to continue recording my thoughts and activities. Prior attempts to keep a journal with any consistency using the computer had failed. For those in my age group, the pen and paper continues to have appeal.

The art store stopped stocking these sketchbooks. I bought them 6 at a time online. And then in June, 2011 alas, no spirals in the house! Other blank books in various sizes and shapes were not enticing. When you are ready to write, no delay is possible. And so the current journal is a larger soft cover Moleskine. The cream colored blank pages work very well for pen and colored pencils. The first entry says

Nothing is original —
You do not need to be clairvoyant, but it helps —
Start your project —
No one can duplicate your work
and so do not waste time copying another —
Set a goal, a time and aim for completion —
I would do well
to follow my own advice.

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