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Apps for iPads vary in style but one that continues to instruct is dexigner. Think of design and art being part of your everyday experience and you will find things on this app you did not know. Last year a suggestion about a book, KENZO, provided a hint for the perfect gift. It is the most beautiful coffee-table, fabric bound photos of the designer, Kenzo. Also The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) exhibits were linked to the site.

A Picture of a eBook

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Today I found this information about the online company, Blurb:

Blurb Launches ebooks for the iPadToday, Blurb announced their first step into the ebook market with ebooks for Apple’s iPad and iPhone. The new Blurb ebooks are visually stunning and optimized to display images and text on the devices.dexigner.com/24060[via Dexigner iPhone App (more…)

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"UZU 2"

"UZU 1"

iPad Mania or UZU

You get an iPad and think “Now what can I use it for?”  Someone has explained that it really is not a computer, nor an iPhone or …

Sooo we know we wanted it, but what was the reason?

I started out with an Osborne after researching home computers. The screen was 7″ and only black and white. The ‘portable’ size  compared to a very heavy sewing machine. It came with five large how-to manuals. With a dot matrix printer and a roll of paper (perforated between pages), it came to about $2300. The operating system was CPM 64.

Fingernails on a blackboard are what real geeks are probably feeling right now. However, the competition was an Apple II, and IBM Jr., and an Executive. For me the decision was based on those manuals and programs at no extra cost. The Executive was comparable but was not top rated at that time. The Apple had color and was popular in schools. The Osborne did have a few games: horse racing was the favorite although there were no graphics.

My understanding at the time was that almost everyone had a desk top computer and that I would be the last one to join that class. Was I ever wrong. I still believe that it helps to have something you want a computer to do. It helps the learning curve. I wanted to send out a business newsletter. A computer would correct my typing which was and is abysmal. And I wanted to type mailing addresses three across.

The salesman assured me that it would do that and mail merge. I would be able to correspond with each of my four children in four different states easily. Letter and brochures flew out via the post office on a regular basis. I did not solve the labels but printed them one at a time. I never saw a database program (DBase 5) more efficient and I was satisfied except for graphics. I wanted to use it as an artistic supplement to my work.

Then came the MAC SE. Not much bigger screen, no color but vastly improved. With an employee discount, the computer and printer cost about the same. Now I wanted to definitely print three labels across and was assured by the salesman, “You can ask me anything if you have a problem.”

I also attended the MAC owners group. I seemed a misfit. The members were doctors who had been sent to Atlanta for training. I was the one who read the salesman’s manual and discovered the few words that sent the printer  cranking out three labels across at the next meeting!

Now I have a number of electronic toys including the iPad. And discovered UZU. Beautiful patterns and colors almost too good to put down. I was sold on the artist’s bio. I was entranced by UZU. Maybe addicted.

Who knew?

WordPress has taken over. It challenges, encourages and demands attention. I still think of UZU and wait for more. Until then …


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