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Albert Einstein

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Happy Birthday+ 1
Do  you make promises to yourself? If you made New Year’s resolutions for 2011, how is that working out?

Birthday milestones are in reaching 18 or 21, 30,40, 50. Then it gets serious: 60, 62,65. These are numbers guided by Social Security, retirement and long term life plans.

That 65 number sticks out because we now begin to think in 5 year increments. Each celebration of our birthday is wonderful but those fifth years seem more special. They also hold out the promise that life will continue and get better. Wisdom is implied. Our younger friends listen for answers to their questions:

– How did you live so long?
– What was it like back then?
– What is left that you want to do?

Good genes, good health and curiosity are wishes for each birthday. Albert Einstein is said to have thought that imagination is a very valuable trait.

The day after your birthday, and all the days to follow, can be filled with joys only you can imagine.

Two New Year's Resolutions postcards

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Who knew?
The posts on writersdocket.wordpress.com (reblogged) inform on self publishing. The blog is worth checking out.

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