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Artist: B. W. Harwell

The things you lose can be remembered most fondly. Happy children are readers, but often lonely children read more. Those times when a class could go to the school library was special. At least for most of the children.

We were marched into the library with a partner. Absolute silence was demanded. We sat at ┬átables of about six children, boys on one side of the room, girls on the other. A table would be selected to get up and find one book each, returning to sit down. Usually the most orderly group got to go first. There would be murmurs as some children were jealous and thought they got the ‘worse’ books to pick from.

I had a favorite that I hid on a lower shelf. There never was time enough to read a whole book. And that is where the book was lost because I can see the room, see the chair I sat in so that I could see the bookshelf and I remember the stories. But I cannot remember the title. (more…)

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