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Definition –
It’s your favorite minor complaint.

It’s when someone, or somethings, actions really irritate you and you just can’t stand it.
It could be irrational, and not even annoy anybody else. It can be different for anyone.

For example, I hate it when a person goes to turn while driving, and they don’t turn on their blinker.

It is something small that bothers you that other people are not bothered by.

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It may also be something you are irritated by and feel you have no control to correct.

Can sharing the concerns minimize the pet peeves by placing the burden on friends/acquaintances?

My current pet peeve

(Always start a criticism with a positive statement!)

Women on television have increased in numbers. This is especially noted on cable news stations.  They are more than competent. This is good news. Bouquets to them!

However, (this is the but…) why do these women have their heads slanted?  Will their necks not support their heads? It seems to affect all but Rachel Maddow but she comes on late at night. Is it a daytime affliction?

Do you think you are sitting in a broken chair? Do you slant your head to face them squarely?

There is an ad on TV about a serious neck problem that has an unpronounceable name. Should we be concerned about their health? Is there something in the studios of various stations affecting only women anchors? Is there a conspiracy? (more…)

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