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@julianritter informed that leartiste is on klout and that he gave a rating of +K!

This notification came from a tweet. Thank you to all who know about klout. And a big THANX to any who have mentioned the blog. Would love to know who participates in klout.

The nominations for The Versatile Blogger caused the days of the week to blur. Many thanks for kind responses. Back to reality.


The writing is fun but has a serious side. Le artiste boots considers it a responsibility to communicate  in the best way possible. Gaining an audience is a bit overwhelming!


Rita Dove, one of our poet laureates, read a poem by Alice Dunbar-Nelson this past Friday. She was being interviewed on PBS Newshour. Poems for The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth Century American Poetry were selected based on her criteria. She placed the poets in their culture (time and place) and also looked for influences on other poets.

Her research took four years to complete. Her approach may differ from others who compile anthologies.  I look forward to expanding my understanding of the people who write poems.

Who knew?

Christopher Hitchens, who died this week, was known as an atheist. He was certainly much more than  that. His critical voice will be missed.

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