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Gift of Time

Keith Olbermann has a segment on his TV program called ‘Time Marches On.’ And soon enough it will!

Let Time pause and give us a chance to think. Remember special people and pleasures;  how doors opened or were ajar and how lucky we are.
There can always be a bitter pill, a piece of coal or a pebble in the shoe. When the holidays come all is smoothed illuminated by the glow of lights and tinsel.

And  even then life intrudes with situations. The challenge is to care for others and ourselves.

The time between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years seems to get shorter every year. Reflect on the most memorable  times. Children used to get that one pair of shoes from Santa. They lasted until the next time whether outgrown or not. An orange or an apple in the mended stocking was a special treat.

What I remember most was unwrapping a gift, each child in turn. We had pooled our dimes to buy a present for the adults. This ritual was followed by laughter and fun in the snow (if it had snowed.)  Then it was business as usual.

Who knew?

This weekend those who can will share what they can. Children expect to get something as a token of love. Adults can be satisfied with a call, email or even a visit. That, too, is a token of love.

(It never hurts to have that one special gift.)

Art by  B. W. Harwell (Snow on branches – photo, Tin man lights – gel pen)

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