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Is it a Southern thing?

You can order one meat and three side dishes for a small amount of money at many restaurants. Drink can be extra or included. The portions are generous. Many take home a box for one or two additional meals.

Seniors can get a meat and two sides for even less. These neighborhood places are most successful when the patrons get to know each other. One I like is Dalton’s in Nashville. There are huge tv screens but people are mostly eating and visiting with the cook. Good cooking is a conversation starter.

Today is a day late and a dollar short. Fridays are becoming the space between Thursday and Saturday. Was it always that way? The Sunshine Award received today caused a lot of thinking about what posts do we most enjoy. The post about Bessie Coleman (see photo) caught my eye.  Years ago I did a series of paintings about women who affected desegregation of transportation. Even though I had lived in Chicago  many years, I did not know of her fetes until researching for these works.

"Bessie Coleman"

Queen Bess

Bessie Colemans pilot licence

Image via Wikipedia

There are 10 women selected for this series through space flight by astronaut, Mae Jemison.

Coleman-Bessie 01Bess

Who knew?

There was an award called Sunshine and that I would be nominated for it?

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Thanks to Limebirdbeth and all of the other birds I have been nominated for this beautiful Sunshine Award. Awards seem to have no beginning place, just seem to circulate freely, unexpectedly received. I am so glad I met Limebirdbeth through their blog.

And now to answer the questions and make my nominations.

Answer 10 questions

Favorite colour: Maroon
Favorite animal:  Cat
Favorite number: 214
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Lemonade
Facebook or Twitter? Convert, Twitter
My passion: Painting
Getting or giving presents? Love to receive
Favorite pattern:  Free-form
Favorite day of the week: Monday
Favorite flower: Forget-me-not

My rationale for the nominees: Who would I most like to meet in a discussion group. The pattern would follow the Americans in Paris or for teetotalers, dinner at a restaurant of choice. All of the names on my list were met through WordPress except one, (and you know who your are.)  We need not always agree but the conversation would be enlightening!

For overall knowledge and variety


For music



for artistic sharing




for teaching me to blog


for making Oregon seem wonderful

Kevin at  OregonCollege of Art and Craft Library

for making history and blogging interesting

The Solipsistic Me

Jono Hodson of jonohodson

The group is open ended. Anyone I missed, feel welcome to join.

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Social Justice For All

Happy Birthday to pioneer Bessie Coleman.  Coleman holds two very significant firsts: she was the first African-American woman pilot and the first African-American to hold an international pilot’s license.

Coleman was tenth of 13 children.  Born in 1892 in Texas, she was part of a family who were not strangers to racial barriers and overt racism in the United States, as evidenced by she and her family picking cotton.  Her father (part Cherokee) was finally fed up with the racism in Texas and returned to “Indian Territory,” what is now Oklahoma.

In 1920, Bessie Coleman went to France and learned to fly in Paris.  She did a bit of traveling through Europe and learned her craft as a pilot.  Upon returning to the United States, she became known as “Queen Bess.”

Upon her death in 1926, people like the amazing Ida B. Wells attended her funeral.

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Touch screens and vibrant colors allow everyone to be an artist.

My theory about computers:

Once color was introduced, business (more…)

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Reading the Letter (Picasso)

Image via Wikipedia

picasso museum
Image by christine zenino via Flickr

Dear Granchild,

I saw this journal and thought about you. I have kept journals on my trips. Last year I wrote almost every day! They are great fun to do and to read later.

You can choose to have a theme or whatever you decide. I thought for this one you might wish to include all of the places you have been. And if you get your parents and grandparents (or whomever) to write where they have been, you will be able to read this information when you go to some of those same places.

I have been to 28 states (give or take a few) and 5 foreign countries. I saw the bull fights in Mexico; the Picasso Museum in Paris, France; the Archeology Museum in Florence, Italy and changed planes in Amsterdam. Even though I went to Rome, Florence is still my most favorite place in the whole wide world.

There is an interesting website for this book and music:


Love, Gran’ma (more…)

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Robert Sengstacke Abbott.

Image via Wikipedia

Robert Sengstacke Abbott became the owner and publisher of the Chicago Defender, a very successful newspaper for the African American community.

His publishing began with Abbott’s Monthly. This publication may have been an influence (more…)

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Who knew?

Emanuel Leutze's depiction of Washington's att...

Image via Wikipedia

The Colbert Nation Report (January 19, 2012) interviewed a curator from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The painting of  “Washington Crossing the Delaware”,  dropped down onto the stage to show its exact size: 12 feet by 21 feet.  The size is the exact size of my family room.

The painting was done by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, a German American immigrant . (more…)

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