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The Perfidy of Piracy?

It is great to hear from a writer with experience. Giving away free is sharing, advertising, and marketing. It allows the writer to develop a base of interested readers. And any reviews can educate the writer about the marketability of her/his work.


This week, award-winning Spanish novelist Lucía Etxebarria announced she will quit writing since more copies of her book have been downloaded illegally than sold. She said she could no longer justify devoting three years of her working life to producing a book. Agreed, she may have a point. Agreed, after China and Russia, Spain has the highest number of per capita illegal downloads in the world. Agreed, loss from illegal downloads and e-book piracy costs writers and publishers close to $3 billion in the US alone. But what if the writers themselves advocate file sharing?

Many authors claim making their work available online increases book sales. A case in the point is Adam Mansbach’s Go the Fuck to Sleep with Ricardo Cortes. Advance PDF copies to publishers were leaked and forwarded in their thousands by email. The book reached No. 1 on Amazon.com’s bestseller list a month before its release…

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