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"I Have A Dream"

Dr. M. L. King, Painting (partial) by B. W. Harwell

When Dr. King came to Chicago for marches in Cicero, Illinois and other parts of the city, Dr. King was often met with threats and actual violence. Even when he was the target, others were endangered.

In addition to his  work, he also met with the Chicago Urban League staff.  City leaders and other influential members of the community sat down with him and his staff to talk strategy.
On one such occasion, he was asked to decide what the next step would be.

My husband was on the Urban League staff and in that meeting. Knowing that I had  known Dr. King, he told me of the long silence in the room while waiting for a response.

When he spoke, King said,”I cannot say what the next move should be. God is not speaking to me now.”

“Anyone doubting Dr. King was convinced after he spoke.” ( a contemporaneous report by John S. Harwell, 1930-2010)

We Remember, We honor

A bust of Dr. King is in the Capital Rotunda and a statue (see image) on the Washington Mall was unveiled a few months ago. His birthday has been designated a National Holiday.

Dr. Martin Luther King

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