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Reading the Letter (Picasso)

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picasso museum
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Dear Granchild,

I saw this journal and thought about you. I have kept journals on my trips. Last year I wrote almost every day! They are great fun to do and to read later.

You can choose to have a theme or whatever you decide. I thought for this one you might wish to include all of the places you have been. And if you get your parents and grandparents (or whomever) to write where they have been, you will be able to read this information when you go to some of those same places.

I have been to 28 states (give or take a few) and 5 foreign countries. I saw the bull fights in Mexico; the Picasso Museum in Paris, France; the Archeology Museum in Florence, Italy and changed planes in Amsterdam. Even though I went to Rome, Florence is still my most favorite place in the whole wide world.

There is an interesting website for this book and music:


Love, Gran’ma (more…)


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