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Is it a Southern thing?

You can order one meat and three side dishes for a small amount of money at many restaurants. Drink can be extra or included. The portions are generous. Many take home a box for one or two additional meals.

Seniors can get a meat and two sides for even less. These neighborhood places are most successful when the patrons get to know each other. One I like is Dalton’s in Nashville. There are huge tv screens but people are mostly eating and visiting with the cook. Good cooking is a conversation starter.

Today is a day late and a dollar short. Fridays are becoming the space between Thursday and Saturday. Was it always that way? The Sunshine Award received today caused a lot of thinking about what posts do we most enjoy. The post about Bessie Coleman (see photo) caught my eye.  Years ago I did a series of paintings about women who affected desegregation of transportation. Even though I had lived in Chicago  many years, I did not know of her fetes until researching for these works.

"Bessie Coleman"

Queen Bess

Bessie Colemans pilot licence

Image via Wikipedia

There are 10 women selected for this series through space flight by astronaut, Mae Jemison.

Coleman-Bessie 01Bess

Who knew?

There was an award called Sunshine and that I would be nominated for it?

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