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Artist: B. W. Harwell

The Help

Both book and movie versions are getting a lot of recognition. Some of us choose not to read or  see either. It is a choice, like drinking coffee or tea. Personal.

This means no disrespect for any who have played their roles so well, so dramatically. The story has captured the interest of a large public.

As so often is the case, personal choices may be hard to explain. The child adamant about no mayo on her sandwich cannot tell her mother that she is allergic to it. The adult may not be able to trace sadness or anger to some childhood event. Nor should he or she be asked to defend these personal decisions.

Expressions of emotion

When a teenager, I wrote a Mother’s Day card to an aunt. Regardless of how it was received, it made me feel good to express my feelings. Since Mother’s day can be any day, since mothering has many forms, this is what I wrote at age 17:

Dear Aunt ….,

Up and down the winding streets, I go

Wherever autumn breezes blow

In nooks and crannies, in each wall

I search for what is best of all:

A mother’s love..


There are many kinds of mothers:

Some take the place  of others.

Some let help their offspring raise.

Who is more worthy of praise?


When a person takes a life to mold

And is anything but cold,

If she carries on her task

And only loves, and truth ask


Then I can tell you what is there:

That person bears a mother’s care,

And when she gets above

Proclaim – she had a  mother’s love!


So no matter where I roam

I’ll always think of home

Where such happiness I find

Is nowhere else, nor kind:

A mother’s love. (more…)


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