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"Sgt. Romare Bearden, noted young Negro a...

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The Beardon Project is a year long celebration of Beardon and his art.

The Studio Museun of Harlem has sponsored this project from September, 2011 to September, 2012. It devotes several pages on its website to the artist and the celebration events.

See Romare Bearden‘s Centennial Celebration (via Amanti Art Blog (leartisteboots.wordpress.com/)

Who knew?

Telling the history of Blacks (African Americans) should take longer than one month a year.  It is an  honor to have the focus and attention on this group’s history, even if it is the shortest month.

Opening of Tacoma's Civil Rights Struggle exhi...

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Many have been born since the Civil Rights Marches and the Vietnam War and may not know the hard work it took to get recognition and memorials.

Our Respect

For unsung and unnamed people who understood that education would be of  lasting importance and who were willing to push for it. They understood that learning the contributions of one group would benefit all.

Nuggets are in documents, old letters, and oral histories. In expected and surprising places,   we learn more and more. Information is now more available to more people. Museums are constantly collecting these materials for study. (photo, Northwest African American Museum in Seattle)

It remains to be seen what is done with new knowledge.


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