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Who would not want to attend. Thanks for the invitation. Congratulations. bettye






A special preview about next Roberto Alborghetti Lacer/actions Show. It will take place in an enchanting and wonderful location:  a XIII Century fortress in the heart of Tuscany (Italy). It’s already announced as one of the most awaited events of 2012. From September 27 to November 4, 2012. Rocca Aldobrandesca, Piancastagnaio, Siena, Tuscany. Organized by local Municipality and Siena Territory Communities and Associations.   

Una speciale “preview” sulla prossima mostra delle “Lacer/azioni” di Roberto Alborghetti, in programma nella suggestiva Rocca Aldobrandesca (sec. XIII) di Piancastagnaio (Siena). Dal 27 settembre al 4 novembre 2012. Promuove il Comune di Piancastagnaio con enti e associazioni.

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Very informative. It was a terrible time for Va Tech and community. Great post.

Social Justice For All

Today I would like to honor and pay tribute to Nikki Giovanni.  I was first introduced to Yolande Cornelia “Nikki” Giovanni in the early 1980’s through her poetry and activism.  She really made me feel “The Power of One,” that each of us has the power to change ourselves and to change systems.  She is probably, in part, why I’m drawn to the field of social work.

I also fell in love with Giovanni because of her dedication to issues around gender, race, and power.  She once said, after she had her son:

I wanted to have a baby and I could afford to have a babymarriage is an institution that is inhospitable to women and would never play a role in my life.

Giovanni is currently a Professor of English at Virginia Tech.  She witnessed the awful massacre in 2007 and yet was able to bring Virginia Tech community…

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This blog offers an interesting look at Little Rock,AR. It is a place in my history. It is also a place I have yet to visit. Well done.

Little Rock Culture Vulture

Located at the northwest corner of Park and Daisy L. Gatson Bates is the Central High School Commemorative Garden. The showcase of the garden is a sculpture created by Michael Warrick and Aaron P. Hussey.

The focal point of this piece is a pair of archways. The outward facing sides of each archway evokes the architecture of the historic high school through the buff bricks, cornice work and even statues.

On the reverse are a series of black and white photographs depicting the rich history and legacy of the school from its construction in 1927 through 2000.

By depicting a variety of decades and events, this sculpture does not shy away from 1957 there are images from that school year included. These several dozen photographs represent the hundreds of thousands of students who have gone to high school in this building since the doors first opened.

Nor does the sculpture…

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Hoping a new and stronger plan emerges.

Social Justice For All

Wow!  Meet Linda, a breast cancer survivor.  Her story must be heard and please share her story!  Linda pulls no punches in her candid conversation about her own cancer and about the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  A very dear friend of mine, actually she is my family, Cheryl Fairchild survived breast cancer and maybe that is why I can’t stop writing about my disappointment with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Please watch Linda’s video and share this post!  I hope we will keep the focus on finding a cure and on prevention, rather than politics.  Sadly, the Komen Foundation is far more concerned with politics.

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