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Navajo Nation

The Walkup

According to the official government of the Navajo People, ” The Navajo Nation extends into the states of Utah , Arizona and New Mexico , covering over 27,000 square miles of unparalleled beauty. Diné Bikéyah, or Navajoland, is larger than 10 of the 50 states in America…Today, the Navajo Nation is striving to sustain a viable economy for an ever increasing population that now surpasses 250,000.” The Navajo Peoples have their own language, referred to as Navajo or Navaho, and whose native name is Diné bizaad. 

Navajo Art encompasses several well known forms – woven blankets, turquoise jewelry, navajo patterned items, and ceramics. Because of impostors, any item produced after 1935 that is marketed using terms such as “Indian,” “Native American” or “Alaska Native” must be made by a member of a State or federally-recognized tribe or acertified Indian artisan. Navajo People’s oral tales tell us they learned to weave from Spider Woman and…

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