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Black History Month 2012: Eartha Kitt

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Social Justice For All

Today we honor and celebrate a unique voice in 20th Century American entertainment, Eartha Kitt. She was born in South Carolina in 1927 to a mother of African-American and Cherokee heritage and a poor farmer father of northern European extraction. Facing double discrimination in the South because of her mixed ancestry, she was sent to New York City at a young age.

Kitt began singing with the Katherine Dunham Company at 16 and launched a long, illustrious career. Performing across Europe and North America, she also appeared in numerous films and television programs. She also worked frequently on stage and recorded many albums and singles. Kitt was fluent in four languages and able to sing in seven different languages. She is best known musically for the perennial Christmas classic Santa Baby and her Top 10 hit from 1953, C’est Si Bon. One of her most enduring roles is as…

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"Tubman" by B. W. Harwell

Private Collection

Two versions of Harriet Tubman by Bettye W. Harwell

The painting is one of 10 women who were successful in desegregating transportation. In the late 1800s new laws were imposed that curtailed any improvement in public transportation after the emancipation of slaves. These laws as a group were called ‘Jim Crow.’

Earlier Harriet Tubman, who was a slave, secured her freedom by the Underground Railroad.  She is best known for her bravery and determination. She returned many times to the southern plantations, leading others (more…)

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