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Edited News Release

Back in the dinosaur days (1960s) this news release was published in the local newspaper. Here is an edited version of how I came to paint.

Greater life expectancy allows  for more than one career choice. I have been fortunate to find many interesting things to do. College gave me general knowledge (more…)

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Color color color

The Walkup

It is amazing to see how color can enhance your day. Several ancient religions used to employ chromotherapy, or the healing effects of color. More recently, scientists have developed color mood theory and color psychology. The hues can affect our disposition, appetite, self-esteem, and spirituality. For example, blue represents peace, tranquility, stability and confidence. Black fills one with feelings of sophistication, mystery and depth. Green is soothing, youthful, and associated with fertility. But, in general, the human eye is (supposedly) most attracted to red.

But let’s get real, why choose only ONE color when you can have ALL the colors?

Image by Furbish Studio, found HERE.

Images by Roche Bobois Interior Design, HERE.

Image via The Selby, HERE.

Also in honor of Roy G. Biv’s mood influences, there is a new and exciting project going on worldwide called the “Let’s Colour Project”. Imagine the planet as a giant coloring book. Before we color in the…

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre performs le...

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre performs legendary Alvin Ailey's Revelations in Miami's Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Česky: Americké taneční divadlo Alvina Aileyho tančí legendární Revelations v Centru pro múzická umění Adrienne Arshtové v Miami. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


NPR reported on a homecoming visit by the Alvin Ailey Dance Company‘s new  creative director.  He reportedly had a rough upbringing. The school he attended had an arts program which  inspired him to become a dancer instead of a lost  soul. This school offered dance classes to ninth graders. Dedicated teachers followed through with encouragement.

Too often schools cut budgets and out go music, painting, trips and yes, dance. This article reinforced not only the encouragement the new director gave to current students, but it quotes a mother of a current student. She attended the same classes and was eager to have the dance experience for her daughter.

Learning and teaching are most effective when done creatively. Helping a  child develop self-confidence and imagination is a gift. It does not matter how these skills are used as long as the results are positive..

Who knew?

The Alvin Ailey Dance Troop performed at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) in the 1980s. I was hosting  Miss Ella Jenkins  for the TN Arts Commission. After the show, she requested that I take her back stage. (more…)

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Little Rock Culture Vulture posted a notice that the College choir of Philander Smith would be performing today. It interested to to hear this group and learn more about the school.

My grandmother taught at Philander Smith many years ago. On its website is the original mission statement.  Formed in 1877, like other Historically Black schools, the doors were open to educate former slaves and their children. (more…)

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Little Rock Culture Vulture

Tomorrow evening (Sunday March 25) the Philander Smith College Choir in the sanctuary of First United Methodist Church in downtown Little Rock.

Under the direction of Dr. Jeff Parker, and accompanied by Theresa Webb, this award-winning choir has sung at landmarks such as the Kennedy Center and the Crystal Cathedral. The choir appeared at the 1996 Election Night celebration, the 1993 Presidential Inauguration, 1992 Democratic National Convention and won first place at the 1992 American Negro Spiritual Festival.

The concert repertoire for the choir includes a variety of styles that include European-influenced music, African-American spirituals, blues, jazz, work songs and gospel songs.

Dr. Parker is a native of Hot Springs.  He has a bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist University, a master’s from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas and a doctorate in musical arts and choral conducting from the University of South Carolina.

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Update March 24,2012

Readers all,

Thanks for your patience. Tried to post a draft that had been just sitting there only to find it went to the original February date! You will find the full post, It Has to be Said, is the  post from last night. It is also in the February archives.

Thanks, The Solipsistic Me, for the alert.

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Reposted from 02/27/2012

Some things are worrying

Each President must make decisions that affect all citizens. He or she meets with people who have no political clout as well as foreign leaders. We are not ruled by royalty or a dictator.

Even the current President has learned that his words can create havoc when not measured.

Can candidates, regardless of party, talk with foreign officials if their language is vague?  Sometimes it is necessary to research a word or phrase to understand the candidate’s meaning. Other times, there could be no explanation.

Herman Cain drifted off when questioned about foreign countries. We are asked to understand why Michigan trees are perfect. (more…)

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