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This blog is timely for those wanting inspiration. Lovers of sculpture can follow the development of a studio business and the creative process.


The following is a reprint of an article that I wrote for Lutheran Forum Magazine, Winter 2007. It will appear here in several parts. Read Part I and Part II first.

With the Virgin Mary out of the studio, I began work on St. Joseph. Initially, finding imagery for St. Joseph was difficult. He is mentioned a mere seven times in the gospel text. I had to find a way to identify with him. I imagined that his hands looked very much like the hands of my own father, which are calloused and worn, cut and stained from years of hard work. Then I imagined a man with such hands hearing the news that those very hands would soon hold a newborn. What’s more, for St. Joseph, that tiny baby would be the Son of God! In my image, St. Joseph sits in his workshop with his carpenter’s angle in…

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Who knew?

Mathematics helps

If you add 2600 to 400 it equals 3000!

That is a large sum.  That large sum represents a generous number of YOU who have found both

Leartisteboots and narcissushibiscusmandrake.

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This post answers many questions about blogging to book publishing. Scott Berkun shares his methods and success. What are we waiting on?

The WordPress.com Blog

 We know many of you love your blogs, and gleefully publish photos and posts without thoughts to reuse your work in other forms. But we know some wonder: could this be a book? Recently we wrote about how a WordPress.com blogger scored a book deal for You Are Not So Smart. But what if you want to do it all yourself?

As a blogger who has authored several successful books with publishers, and who works on WordPress.com, I recently self-published a book based entirely on posts from my blog. I wanted to see what I could learn, and I’m here to share it all with you.

The book I self-published is called Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds. It’s a collection of my best essays from my WordPress blog at scottberkun.com, where I write about ideas, creativity and leadership. The book has done well, and has often been…

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Paper Art

I found your post inspiring.

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