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Account for yourself

There are times your friends do not hear from you. Some worry.  Other times no one is looking for you. Occasionally you are lost and cannot find yourself.

Once I was lost.

We were judges for one of the NAACP ACT-SO art competitions. This event preceded the annual NAACP conference. teenagers come in to the conference site from chapters around the country. They have been selected for this national talent i.

In addition to the art category, a very large number of subjects are judged. Some are academic studies offered in their high schools. Some are technical science projects. The judges are people working in their fields. Corporations support these kids and are looking  for the highest calibre talent. Amazing people like Mae Jemison, the astronaut, have been winners.

One year, the art was judged by all local artists and art professors in Nashville. The plan was to use local judges as much as possible before transporting other judges. They needed at least one judge who had been through the competition. That time we were all first-timers. Several years after being in Nashville, our group was selected for all of the judging and travelled to Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Chicago and Baltimore.

But I digress. I was lost.

One evening in Indianapolis, I was walking with Dr. Hooks, then an art professor at Fisk University. We were returning to our hotel. I did not see the group we were with. I have no sense of direction. The street was poorly lit and we had been talking about our work with the students.

I felt some alarm and asked Dr. Hooks if he was lost. “I am not,” he said emphatically. “I know where I am.”

Who knew?

There are some stunning photographs of works done with paper.Some are like altered books, origami and others unlike anything I have seen.

Paper Art


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