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Reading email before bed

Not such a good idea. Tonight at the top of the list of emails was one from Amazon.com. Usually it is a notice of some very attractive books to spend money on. If the offers include Kindle eBooks it is like getting a coupon savings.

I could sleep comfortably if that was the message. I use any excuse or not to keep from going to bed. But this message was not the usual brain teaser nor savings offer.

When it started off talking about my being a resident of Tennessee and what the State of Tennessee was demanding of them for the privilege of not collecting Tennessee State taxes on internet purchases, I knew it was not going to be fun.

It did not even use a lot of legalese and small print. It just laid it out there.

1.  It is not their fault.

2.  It is as hard on them as it will be on you.

3.  They would prefer not to tell you this but it is theTennessee Law.

4. Therefore…for Amazon to follow the Tennessee Laws, you must be notified that you must pay taxes on purchases from Amazon to the State of Tennessee.

5.  We, Amazon, must tell you what you spent and give you a Tennessee State  link which will tell you how to figure what you owe.

6.  We, Amazon, must tell you exactly what you spent $(withheld due to privacy laws) in the year 2011.

A fine bedtime story (more…)

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