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Unofficial statistics show that of 1000 hits, most prefer the painting, ‘Yellow Sweater.’

This oil painting of a young woman seated on  a colorful white couch is rising in preference on


The brilliant color of her sweater seems more dynamic because her black slacks both balance.and ground the image.

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Thist is the best use of old books. But kids need supervision. I love it.

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The Heritage Trust

Reconstructed animation of a wild goat (Capra aegagrus) on a bowl discovered in a grave at the 5,200 year-old Burnt City in Iran

8 March 2008 CAIS News reports that –

The Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization (CHTHO) announced on Monday that it has recently completed the production of a documentary about the ancient Iranian earthenware bowl bearing the world’s oldest example of animation. Directed by Mohsen Ramezani, the 11-minute film gives viewers an introduction to the bowl, which was discovered in a grave at the 5200-year-old Burnt City by an Italian archaeological team in late 1970s. The artefact bears five images depicting a wild goat jumping up to eat the leaves of a tree, which the members of the team at that time had not recognised the relationship between the pictures.

Ancient Iranian earthenware bowl bearing possibly the world’s oldest example of animation

Several years later, Iranian archaeologist Dr…

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Your photo on my post made the highest rating ever. Stay curious.

Greekgirl777's Blog

Ok I thought I would try this blog thing for my upcoming trip to Ireland. My artist friend Bettye Harwell has taught me many things, and WordPress is her suggestion. I’ll start today by just trying to get it running from my iPad.
The web has so many possibilities. I’m excited that I am able to share my crazy world with the rest of the world. My posts may seem a little “scattered” inconsistent, but that is the way my artistic mind works. Why should we all live in a cookie cutter world. So, here goes! The photo of the day is simply to see if I can make this thing work! Thanks Bettye!


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Photo of abstract painting and artist

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When Things Go Bump

To my readers

It does not have to be the scary night figures that go bump. It might be a log in the road. Or  a medical event gone awry. Even a pebble in the shoe can slow the runner in the marathon.

If this is confusing, it is my way of taking a short leave of posting. In my absence your writings  will keep me informed and amused.

Hope you will still be around when I get back!

Best, Bettye

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Bettye W. Harwell

Current reading:

The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock

This is the story of an 18th century English woman, Mary Delany who, at age 72, invents collage. The author has woven together the facts of her life and the history of the period in which she lived with an interpretation of the flower ‘mosaicks’.

Along with these wonderfully detailed ideas, the author interspersed her own life. Using her access to Mary’s letters, books that were written soon after her death and photographs of the very old works on paper, the author tells a compelling story.

Blogging as a Resource

The other writer’s are very generous in sharing things that interest them or that may be of interest to others bloggers. That is how I came across this book. Published in 2010 by Bloombury, it is well worth reading for the description of Mary’s methods, about art theory, about the details of aristocratic women’s lives and the wonderful photography. The artwork reminds of the delicate glass flowers at Harvard University. Much study was entailed in that project.  Mary Delany was her own teacher.

The book also has me thinking about my shock after reading the sexual interpretations of Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Why, I wondered was it necessary to examine the artist and her work so intimately? Could the paintings of flowers, so advanced as portraits, be enough? The botanist will learn from Mary Delany’s work. I cannot question the author too much because of her book design. It is amazing that the works have survived. Still, as I am only halfway through, there is enough for the artist’s eye.

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