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Location map of Mississippi, USA

Location map of Mississippi, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roe v.Wade

When someone says, “I do not want the government in my bedroom” do they mean the federal, state or local governments? Mississippi (and other states) are passing laws to dismantle the Roe v Wade decision. If these state laws stand, the existing law will be overturned and it will be impossible¬†for a woman to excercise her rights to her own body.

Today a judge has intervened in Mississippi delaying a ruling which would have closed the only clinic where women can have abortions. This injunction will end in two weeks. At that time there will be a court case hearing the sides. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. The governor has stated very clearly the intent: to provide no place in the state where women can get this service.

Regardless of one’s feeling on abortions, there is a lot of heavy handing these days. If a woman cannot decide on her body, can a governor? a legislature? Congress? At the top of that pyramid are few women. Bunched at the body are many women whose lives are out of their hands.

Women who have sufficient financial resources often are treated for ‘DNC‘ or “biopsy’ or you name it. They quietly go away for a night to ‘shop’ in the city. But other women, the ones who used dangerous methods in the past, are in need of services which are more obvious. They go to places where doctors, nurses and patients are threatened and killed.

Mississippi is still a poor state. When my family lived there, between slavery and reconstruction, large families could be fed off the land. Incest, never spoken of, or family planning were handled by the elderly women. They knew or thought they knew what to do. It remained a secret passed down from woman to woman on a need to know basis.

This is no longer a recommended strategy. We do not know how many women died from that type of abortion or in childbirth. It does not seem important that real women  who may already be mothers have died for lack of the modern clinics.

Who knew?

1952-Family planning questions in Kentucky on a military base caused the doctor to leave the room. He was never seen again. It was illegal for him to even hear the question.

1968 – Bill Baird stood on City Hall steps in Boston, speaking out for women to have the right to buy and use family planning materials. He would show what he was talking about. He was repeatedly arrested.

Today’s woman has been raised to run corporations, to become billionaires, to preach and bear children if and when they want. We raise our daughters to dream big. We do not sugar-coat what decisions they make early on will guide their lives forever. We urge them to make decisions that will result in the responsible life for themselves and their communities. This means healthy women and wanted babies.

Can unrelated men make decisions about health and family for thousands of women they do not know? Would they rather address their energies to boys and men?


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