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I could have written this post except the books were the Brittanica Encyclopedia 14 th edition. Soft Red leather bindings. Gold edged pages. Pristine condition.

Resold to make a ine Christmas for the children. Great find of yours.


I am not a big shopper. Out of necessity I do so if forced, and being the mother of daughters I have endured many a marathon shopping day throughout the years, but usually I am just as happy doing my shopping on the net. But, as with all things, there are a few exceptions to this rule. I do love those gift shops in museums, stately homes and theme parks and, much to my family’s chagrin, I love going to flea markets, second-hand stores and used book shops.

I just love perusing shelves and tables full of used stuff and the monthly flea market in our area has an abundance of said stuff, or junk as some might call it. It never gets old spending several hours on a Sunday morning wandering the maze of booths looking for something that might strike my fancy and take the trip home with…

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