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Life is so short and when meanness is repeated, i wonder? These girls need compassion.

Social Justice For All

Unfortunately, Louisiana is yet again the subject of how backwards can a society go.  They misogyny in this particular story is sickening. Thank you to Never Contrary for inspiring me to write about these events.  Louisiana is proving to be a state not safe for women or the LGBTQ community.

Astonishingly enough. young women attending a public school in Louisiana are being policed and profiled.  Female students just suspected of possibly being pregnant must submit to a pregnancy test. Here is the real illegal kicker: if the female students refuse the pregnancy test or prove to be pregnant they are kicked out of school.  Yes, you just read that correctly. Refusing to submit to the pregnancy test or being pregnant automatically gets one kicked out of school.  What are the consequences for the young men that got them pregnant? Oh, of course, NONE.

The Delhi Charter School, in…

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This post of two book reviews made me think. The first book describes events in the Vietnam War.

The reviewer points out a problem with one of the guns provided to soldiers. When their guns jammed the soldiers were accused of not cleaning their guns.

It turned out a needed element in the ammunition had been cut out by a manufacturer to save cost. Lives and injuries were the results of alteration in the specifications.

A thought came to me after the tragedy in Aurora, TX.

What would be the effect altering ammunition for civilians? Make the guns jam to avoid mass killings? It would not be practical in the military, I guess.

What else is altered in the best interest of society?

Usually we are not aware. We are being saved from ourselves when food products are being altered:

* For shelf life, greater productivity,

* Medical shots that have added experiments?

* Cars can sense danger and prevent  accidents.

* Cars can drive themselves safely.

* Green environmental cleansers.


Who knew?

Inventions like the ammunitions and square tomatoes can alter how we move through life. Some people are good at implementing improbable solutions. Sure we can more easily restrict huge amount of ammunition. We can keep huge rapid fure weapons out of our cities. We may prefer not to make guns jam or maybe shooters might want to think we have.


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For girls, big and little.
Gabby Douglas: Her Childhood Path to the Olympics
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