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Alan Waterfall

by Bettye Harwell

Two things reminded me of a summer weekend in Sudbury, MA. The first was receiving a photo card of Whitmore Falls taken by Patrick Zephyr, 2001. Thirty college and recent graduate students invited ourselves to our friend’s home in 1947 so that we could attend a Tanglewood concert.

We had come together from many colleges to participate in a YM-YW Students-in-Industry summer project.We lived in a Hartford Seminary, CT building with a professor from Bates College. With him was his wife and small daughter. Ten of us worked at the Underwood Typewriter Company where I was a ‘part straightener.’ ¬†Others worked in other industries. At night local leaders came and spoke to us about work and citizenship. ¬† We shared housekeeping and cooking. After each dinner there were plays and hilarious activities planned by a committee.

A few days ago I was told that young people are getting back to typewriters. This was the second thing reminding me of the friendships that have endured from that summer. After being the city mouse visiting the open beauty of Massachussetts and seeing the Whitmore Falls, I paint all waterfalls from that memory.

Whitmore Falls

Whitmore Falls (Photo credit: thigpen.robert)

Who Knew?

Please check any Underwood typewriters carefully before buying. I might have been the part straightener. We have had good laughs about our lack of skills at demanding, routine factory work.

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