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Romney/Ryan bus in Courthouse

Romney/Ryan bus in Courthouse (Photo credit: afagen)


I may have deleted this by mistake.

Friday, November 1

Yesterday I thought a comment on political signs would be timely.  But just now my thought is more about what signs are.

Tennessee has been strongly Republican most of the time I have lived here. Especially on the national tickets. I went to vote early (the second day allowed) and saw signs for local offices, but not any for Obama around the polling place. I see no signs for him in the yards as I go to and from my studio.

That was the information I wanted to say. When you live in an area skewed to one side or the other, your vote gets cancelled out. But I felt good about getting my voting done. It may not get counted but it is done.

I just went to bring my trash can back from the curb. It was full!  Someone had filled my trash can with signs. On close inspection they read ‘Romney Ryan’ in pretty blue letters on white cardboard. They had been used in yards because the wires were bent.

Now the early voting was still going on and the election is four days away. Signs generally are not ever picked up and never before election day. Once inside the house, after depositing the signs on the dead-end part of the street, I looked for their campaign offices. Google gave me the news article of the opening in mid-September. But the phone was not working. So I called the Republican headquarters and got a lovely young woman. Yes, I pulled the ‘I am …’ old age excuse. I was polite but firm. Please pick up the signs.

This morning they were gone.  Could it be they knew who was to pick up signs in this neighborhood? I do not know. All I know is that they are gone four days before the election. That could be a sign or an omen.


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