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Photo of abstract painting and artist


Something is in the air. Not just the cold winter breezes. But my website




are down, down, down.

What next?

We exist inside the large and small boxes. Our identity is packaged and molded by 140 carats or the ping of email. Notifications now on my computer show (15) This is election day (delete/snooze).’  Since I voted early, I shall snooze.

Have you tried to look at my website art? If no one can find it, be assured that when it finds me, I will post it.

Who knew?

Internet Archives is a free website for books and music and other cool things. Their goal is to digitize all books and provide other digital services . The YouTube documentary shows a wonderful side of the business which is headquartered in San Francisco.  Be sure to see the chapel.

I like this site very much and have downloaded useful materials. From their newsletter:

Documenting the Internet Archive

A BBC film crew visited the Internet Archive earlier this year; here’s their story.



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Due to the great number of visitors, “Colors Of An Apocalypse”, the Roberto Alborghetti Show at Aldobrandesca Fortress (Piancastagnaio, Tuscany, Italy) is exceptionally extended till January 15, 2013.

On display: forty artworks (canvases, silk scarves, lithographs, collages) from his incredible research about the decomposed publicity posters and urban signs…

Promoted by Piancastagnaio Municipality, Osa Onlus and Pro Loco

Sponsored by Provincia di Siena.

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