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Ancestry (.com) has been bought
I feel the loss, the fear
Of people, who like my ancestors,
Were sold.

Where will my search end?
In whose hands now?
Will they be found,
brought back to the folded page,
or lost again? Forever lost?

I waver in my search
Yet feel such joy
In discovering
A hint, a nugget, a trace
of lives I never knew.
Nor thought to ask.

We each come from a place, a people,
And I hope, love.
That harmony shapes us.

Let us note the common heritage.
The child in us
Needs nourishment
And Peace.


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This old house
Country comfort
Modern use
Sits nestled in the hills
Beside the river gorge
(or is it just a stream?)
The history of cows
And Roses,
Charming Thurber,
Talented Simott
In an upper room.
Young marrieds and children
Moving in tandem
Making space for more.

Times were different.
The occupants fewer now.
Their history-making
In the mold
Of Rose’s garden.

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