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As the New Year is upon us, why not think how we answer the question:
How’s that working for you?

Summing it up

Jane Friedman
One of the first twitters I followed was written by Jane Friedman. Shortly after that, she joined Writers Digest. She has written an excellent list of suggestions for authors. You want to be published? You need an agent? Is your manuscript the best work you can do?

She offers ideas to help you evaluate where you are in answering these questions and more. Find her hints at:

Who knew?
I tried to write a post about this Jane Friedman only to find a suggested photo of another woman, also in publishing!


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A lot of people are fans. Great interview with Mick Jagger and notice of new book in 2 volumes. Great post, Roberto.


The German start-up The eBook People GmbH, a spin-off of the publishing house The Interview People GmbH (www.theinterviewpeople.com), is going to release its first comprehensive eBook in July which will feature the 50th stage anniversary of the band The Rolling Stones. Title: “The Rolling Stones – 50 Years”, Subtitle: “Views From The Inside – Views From The Outside”.

The eBook will be released in two parts. It will contain archive material from newspapers: old (partially not yet digitalized and inaccessible) articles, interviews, audios and images and put them all together in a two part ebook containing more than 2,000 pages! Part one will feature the first 25 years in 25 single chapters. Same with the second 25 years.

All of this is going to be edited and introduced by a great music journalist who is also working for the biggest national daily newspaper in Switzerland…

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Early Chinese hemp fiber paper, used for wrapp...

Early Chinese hemp fiber paper, used for wrapping not writing, on display at the Shaanxi history museum in Xi’An, China. Excavated from the Han Tomb of Wu Di (140-87 BC) at Baqiao, Xi’An. Photo by Yannick Trottier, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wrapping paper …not as much as in the past

Boxes…smaller but many

Brown paper, crushed…new item, used as packing material instead of peanuts. See suggestions below.

Plastic…bags used for clothes, electronics

Turkey carcass…meat for leftovers in fridge

Best glassware, dishes…includes pots and pans needing special care

Tree (if you had one)…We had a miniature, live tree with tiny flashing lights. It will be spared to live another day!)

To Do List

Register new electronics
Learn their mechanics
Write or email or phone thank you’s
Get the tree needles out of the rug, as needed
Put away the best dishes until next occasion
Make turkey soup or hash

Suggestions for crushed brown paper

Where there are children,have them smooth paper. An iron on low heat can be used. Work in an area easy to clean or over some type of protection.

Almost any art material which can be rubbed, brushed, spattered, poured etc. can be worked across the paper. Light pressure will leave the creases untouched. More pressure or liquid will run into the lines, resulting in a definite pattern.

Who knew?
Materials like charcoal and pastel can be wiped off or erased using a knead eraser. Stamping with objects or carved stamps (use potatoes etc.). If you accent the creases, a stained glass effect will result.

Not all art has to be rectangular or square. Try tearing a shape with uneven edges. Many new works today are enhanced with glitter, metallic colors, embedded objects etc. The more the merrier.
If powdery materials are use, spray lightly with a fixative. These pieces can be pasted to a cardboard or any more rigid surface.

Not only children can recycle in this way. The late artist, John Richardson, often used brown paper for his pastel drawings. He did not care if those studies did not last 100 years. The colors were beautiful on that rich brown background and reasonable to purchase.

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As the years pass, the gifting gets smaller boxes which cost more (sleepwear vs. electronics.) Your plan reminds of Kwanza, when we forgot gifts in the back of the closet. Thanks for the mention. Bettye

Happily After Retirement!

present1Last January I did something really fun … I went Christmas shopping for me! I found some items that I adored and since they were on sale, I found more items I adored and bought them. I brought them home, wrapped them up and put some love notes on them (to me from Santa) and stuck them in my closet.

Once the tree went up this year, the lovely gifts nestled under it, waiting for me to open them. What was so wonderful was – I didn’t have a clue what was inside. (For once memory failure is a good thing!)

Then the waiting really began… I couldn’t open them alone (duh!) so I waited until I could get someone on Skype to join me in the unfolding of these gifts. Finally I connected with my sister and we enjoyed the unwrapping and excitement of what could possibly be inside…

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Gran’Ma (Photo credit: Quentin_Dayer)

I saw Santa flying by
And I know why
He was moving fast
He did not want
To see you last.

He did not take the freeway
Nor ride a sleigh
He slipped around a star
Traveling very far.

If you should wake
He might be at your gate.
You might see him near the door
Or hiding on the floor.

When you find the toys
Gifts for girls and boys
Tell everyone He was here
Spreading Christmas cheer.

“Oh, Gran’ma, you made that up!”
written Nov 29,1999

Who knew? This photo is comes from the pictures suggested for posts depending on the subject matter. I named myself Gran’ma before I had grandchildren. This lovely lady answers to the same spelling. How often does this happen? I think I even have the same decoration on a robe from Egypt.

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DSC00439 Puss 'n Boots








The art

On the right is the original small painting entered into the  @twitterartexhibitla sale of postcard art. It is painted with metallic colors on watercolor paper. I sharpened my drawing with pen and ink using a broken line. The child’s collar is the white of the paper. These colors are true to the artwork.

Who knew?

Using the Enhance part of iPhoto (on the MAC), the image on the left appeared! Use the collar, now brown, to see how different this photo is from the original.  This view picks up the various sparkling pigments in the paint in a new way.

I was so thrilled with the result that I plan to put it on my website available for greeting cards and prints. However, I could not use this as a promotional photo because no one would believe it was the same work. I submitted three other postcards using the same painting technique. However, they did not change from the original when using the Enhance button.

All four cards can be seen on twitter and tumblr. The show and sale will be held in Los Angeles from January 12 to February 10, 2013. (Will we learn to write that new year number?) All proceeds support a local charity working with kids.

Scan and enhance your paintings and drawings in the computer. This is one way you may see more potential in your work than with the naked eye. See more at:


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Gun Disease

English: Official portrait of Senator LIndsey ...

Between the Mall shooting and the CT massacre, Senator Graham spoke out about his right to gun ownership. His statement was consistent with his voting record in Congress.

I cannot find his exact statement to the television cable cameras nor can I forget the impact on me of his statement.

In his comments, he said any law would limit his gun ownership in and would infringe his second amendment rights. He recounted his how he learned to shoot with his father when he was a child. It is a cultural experience, he said.

He is a grown man whose nostalgia about experiences with his father and guns remains emotional and can best be demonstrated by owning any and all guns Senator Graham desires. He is not alone.

However, Graham is a maker of laws which constrain us all for the common good of our society. Why should he be exempt? I ask myself does it benefit society for carry laws, which allow guns in most places. Talk has started now of arming teachers. One incident in AR showed that when a teacher had a gun, it was in his car!

Does it benefit society to own powerful military-type guns that shoot 30 bullets at a time? Why not a hundred? Why not the gun that shoots a target miles away? A hunter would destroy the food that an animal represents to him. A shooter who does not have to face his target is only going to get the thrill of being a comic book character.

I spoke to a friend recently who nearly teared up when explaining why his father had given him a gun when he was a child. He said it was for food. He told which animals the family had depended on during hard times. He has a gun which he leaves at his father’s house, out-of-the-way of his small children. His father now has a concealed carry permit and is always armed.

What is the value of one life more than another? Fathers: will you continue the culture of giving your sons and now daughters a gun to own? Will you and they keep a collection of weapons, and how can you guarantee that they will be used in a non-threatening way? Will you consider that we cannot have everything we want? We should not have everything they make. You or your child may be come a victim by either being shot or being the shooter. Mothers:Will you prevent your child from receiving a gun? Women have the greatest responsibility to protect our children. We must speak up and insist that we have a safe country – safe from external anger and safe from our own by limiting the tools of death.

Can we change a pattern of violence and stop enriching the makers and sellers of lethal weapons?

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