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We make internet friends by following each other. WordPress has been a great gift of your blogs.  Some of you comment on things I have written, and I have also. There is much to learn and share.  And through it all, I feel enriched, inspired, and supported.

Today, in my email I was reminded of this sentimentality. I have been following Ali Manning, a bookbinder. Each of her  newsletters teach a technique. In addition, she welcomes photos of work by others. These she shares with her many followers.  I felt very comfortable last year sending a photo of a mini copper covered book. She writes in such a way that you feel she might be interested.

That first little book was in her newsletter even though I do not (have not) followed her instructions. Now today, in  her email she shares the mini crushed velvet book I made for a Christmas gift! She devoted a full paragraph explaining  how and why it was made.

I hope you will check out her blog vintagepagedesigns.com. In the menu is a link to Readers Books. The February 20, 2016 posting will take you there. And if you want to know many ways to bind books, follow her.

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I visited the Neslson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City last week.  Guess what I found?  Other posts…….. The Obama Chair House in Kansas City Cool Stuff Outside the Nelson Atkins Museum Connections at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art…


More memories…

Married a Kansas City guy and not only connected with my grandmother’s youngest sister, Addie Morris, and the rest of my family there. Never in my ‘lives’ in Chicago did I go to the museum of medieval military gear. So when I put the must-dos in K. C.  a priority was to go to the Nelson museum of Art to see the collection there.

It seems strange to say that trip included four children. We wont forget that visit for two reasons. One, the Asian collection  connsisted of the most beautiful and delicate wire weaving and ivory miniatures indescribingly complex. And in the next room, on the walls, were cars smashed and wrecked together.  The contrasts were without logic. What had we become over the years?

The second deep memory was eating in the cafeteria. We got trays for each of us while the children waited at the table. The servers seemed amused by us. They insisted on bringing all of the trays to us while they stared. One gentleman explained, we never see black families come to the museum. We see adults but no children with their parents. We are so proud is why we are helping you. 

We seemed like family after that.


When my in-laws died a few years later, we found ourselves dealing with their estate and the bank. They insisted they would come to the house and assess values prior to a sale. My husband, an only child, was devastated. How could we let strangers pull through and sell his property. I called the Nelson Museum for a reference to get things packed, stored and then shipped to our home in MA. I knew value but not how to assess what to take and what to let go. 

Surprisingly, they made all of the arrangements. Packing each selection with loving care, building wooden crates and finally bringing the valued and sentimental things to our door. I shall never forget the help they gave us.

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Open Letter to Kevin,

Your beautiful book just arrived. I cannot wait to read and share it. You took an idea from beginning to book in all the right ways.

You included me in getting involved so that I have followed all the ways you used the media so effectively. Who knew that you would use Kickstarter and get the money needed to publish the book? And will we see more from your publishing company?

It has been my pleasure to meet you through wordpress.com. I wish you further success. It did not pass my keen eye that you included a handwritten note. Thanks to you!


Re: The Vineyard We Knew, A Recollection of Summers on Martha’s Vineyard, by Kevin Parham (Pria Press, Plymouth, MA)

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"UZU 1"


As the New Year is upon us, why not think how we answer the question:
How’s that working for you?

Summing it up

Jane Friedman
One of the first twitters I followed was written by Jane Friedman. Shortly after that, she joined Writers Digest. She has written an excellent list of suggestions for authors. You want to be published? You need an agent? Is your manuscript the best work you can do?

She offers ideas to help you evaluate where you are in answering these questions and more. Find her hints at:

Who knew?
I tried to write a post about this Jane Friedman only to find a suggested photo of another woman, also in publishing!

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Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday to You! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Birthday Celebration

My gift to each of you and your friends is my way of celebrating this wonderful life of mine.

You can

1. Select from any of my artwork on the website. No limits.


Amsterdam acrylics on canvas









The website:


(also on my Facebook page.)

2. Place your order. The CODE is BSSNNX

You will find a 20% discount (from my part of the sale) on any orders you place from October 20 (the BIG day) through November 10, 2012. I do not handle the math, thankfully, but it will be a savings.

The holidays are coming fast. You can get your name and or a message printed inside cards or select from the prints offered. I see that many of you are familiar with  the high quality and the service my company offers.

3. Not satisfied? They will let you return the artwork in a reasonable time.

Who knew?

Sorry, cannot send each of you a slice of cake. But this is the next best thing.


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First Year BloggingSeptember, 2011 – 2012

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My blogging tutor, the eldest daughter, had no idea the Pandora’s Box she opened. Reviewing the past year, I am so appreciative of her guidance and all of you who write and follow. Who knew there were so many talented and caring people online!
What has this meant to me?

1 – New personal relationships with creative thinkers worldwide. Amazing sharing keeps me coming up with fresh ideas to write about.
2 – Taking time to reflect on expanding subjects. Just reading the posts in my inbox takes my mind in important directions. My reading and research have been expanded.
3 – My contributions beyond posting includes bringing new bloggers to WordPress and artists into other groups I have joined online. I have been able to share my art with all of you.
4 – Learning is, I believe, a lifelong task. This journey has sometimes made me feel like there is too much to take in. Writing is a way to organize my thoughts. The posts are small teachable moments to share. There is still so much to learn to improve the blog.
5 – The challenge is to continue to stay involved in this growing community even when personal issues press. My followers have been caring and concerned as if we meet regularly. What a club we have joined!

Many Thanks and Welcome to Year Two.

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Addressing me as ‘Boots’, WordPress has put a star on my forehead! Le Artiste Boots has  received 500 likes! Counting these these notifications started in the spring.

Nine months of sharing rambling thoughts and reblogging  (thanks for your generosity) has reached this achievement.

As changes in our stats format occurred, I am  more likely to write than follow the numbers.  Not that I don’t check them. The main question I wanted answered when starting these two blogs was: will people know to read them? would my efforts be in the clouds. Of course, I did not know iCloud would capture everyone’s written words.

The numbers climb with loyal followers. i value each and every reader and those who click the ‘like’ buttons. Your comments and reblogging are amazing.

Who knew?

Hidden in plain view is this huge neighborhood of interesting and supportive people. Give a shout out to WordPress for giving us this forum.

What else?

My friend bought a new iPad  recently. The circumstances were that this was a replacement.  She was surprised that the first screen offered to update from her previous iPad using iCloud. With the selection of ‘yes’ all of her previous documents, photos etc. downloaded in a few minutes. The fear of lost data no longer exists with iCloud and similar services.

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