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We make internet friends by following each other. WordPress has been a great gift of your blogs.  Some of you comment on things I have written, and I have also. There is much to learn and share.  And through it all, I feel enriched, inspired, and supported.

Today, in my email I was reminded of this sentimentality. I have been following Ali Manning, a bookbinder. Each of her  newsletters teach a technique. In addition, she welcomes photos of work by others. These she shares with her many followers.  I felt very comfortable last year sending a photo of a mini copper covered book. She writes in such a way that you feel she might be interested.

That first little book was in her newsletter even though I do not (have not) followed her instructions. Now today, in  her email she shares the mini crushed velvet book I made for a Christmas gift! She devoted a full paragraph explaining  how and why it was made.

I hope you will check out her blog vintagepagedesigns.com. In the menu is a link to Readers Books. The February 20, 2016 posting will take you there. And if you want to know many ways to bind books, follow her.

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Justice Scalia

I explained to my grandson that I have been organizing my thoughts to  answer Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He burst into laughter. Then said, I have never heard you going after the Supreme Court.  I am still writing that post but want it to be understandable to the reader, Mr. Scalia. 

The holidays
Beginning with the rituals and celebrations of each religion, the holidays cover many weeks at the end of the year. Busy times for all. Merchandising includes Hallowe’en and I add Kwanzaa, a full quarter of emotional excitement. Part of me fights the high energy and wallows in depression. It changes my flexible routine. Years ago, it meant clearing the dining room table and putting sewing and paints away, only to unwind it all. 

Now the table can stay the same, no children and new spouses to feed. I stay near the phone and iPad to get the calls and messages from coast to coast. It’s the day after Christmas with little to do but write thank-you’s, checks for the postman, and bills. Not even snow to shovel in 70 degree weather.

I like the calm. I have new toys. Organizers for my studio. Parties to plan. Work to do in the next year. I start the new plans with the 2015 list. Ever hopeful that this time next year, it will all be done. That includes preparing for the holidays earlier.

Note to iPad gremlin

It is OK if I mispell a word, because I plan to edit. There is no need for you to substitute a word that makes no sense in the context of what I am writing. You need a sense of humor and to understand irony.  High early is not comparable in meaning to high energy. Also, it is not necessary to Capitaize a word where there is no period. As in the previous sentence.

Your helpfulness is too much. Soon you will be gone, fini, splat. Your red line under fini lets me know that you need re-education. And I am too busy writing to add that to next year’s list.

P.S. Everything is not what it seems. Under the cover is a candle. Light it to brighten your day.

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Online ID’s

A Note To Myself
I have to remind myself of all my identities online. My first knowledge of the internet was from Vanderbilt University graduate students. I had just bought my second computer through the campus store. Now both the SE Mac and I are officially antiques!
These students encouraged me to use this new resource, the university librsry. It never seemed real, and I never signed in. Now I can use the Nashville Library and Archives from my iPad. Who could have known?
It had seemed to me that I was among the last to own a home computer. In fact, I was early in the scheme of things. Once I started a blog on worpress, I did two.

For poetry and creative writing: narcissushibiscusmandrake. For all my other interests: leartisteboots.
From there:

Fine Art America for my paintings

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to keep in touch

And now:


Email accounts

All of you I follow

Research and tutorials


Is there any site I do not know or that knows me?
Note to organize:

Another notebook (or website) to collect this information and passwords needed to navigate online sites. 
Be sure to make a note: location of the notebook.

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Diary (Photo credit: Barnaby)


Diary (Photo credit: toby___)


Imperfect Impulses liked my post Santa’s Route (thank you.) I checked his blog. This morning activity turns out to be ‘where did the time go?’

In a cartoon, there would be a lady in easy chair surrounded by books, computer or iPad, clock, mug and, of course, words and images swirling around her head. To make it morning-lost, perhaps curlers or scarf on hair, house coat etc.

One of Imperfect’s posts asks what is best to keep: art journals or smash books? I had not heard the term ‘smash books. ”

Swirling about my head are terms evoking memories.


How have I recorded past memories?
The small lined 5 year diary with green cover, gold lock and key was a 10 year olds introduction to the difficulty of writing. I lost interest before I lost the diary. The memory remains of the limitations of lines. I can still recall one entry:

My uncle purchased 52 acres more or less with his war pension.  It had hills, he said. My diary drawing of hills gave no indication of a future career as an artist. Two knockdown. Writer! Artist!

Through the years more memories were started on envelopes and yellow pads. Sketch books have text additions according to my mood. Travel journals include outfits, activities and menus beside pen and ink drawings.

As I approached 80, journals became more important. I prefer blank paper to add sketches and paste programs etc.  The first many were spiral books with colorful covers bought at art stores or online. Small books with black paper are used for gel pen abstract drawings. Each has a thought or poem added.


Now I am using Moleskin thin books for writing and those with Japanese folded paper for sketching.  My friend, who keeps her writing well-organized, gave me a beautiful book to combine my interests. It is a jill bliss Butterfly Fields Eco-Journal published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco.

Who knew?

Journalling, recording audio and video as well as blogging will provide the materials for historians. Usually one family member becomes the keeper of secrets. I hope our online posts will be mechanically retrievable but if not, handwriting on archival paper will preserve the memories we wish to share.

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 To Linda Joyce Ott, who nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks so much! Your blog, Optimism of Color, is a first read each morning.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Here are the Rules for accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Thank the one who nominated you

    Thank you, Optimism of Color, for your photography and art.

2. Attach the award to your site. (copy)

3. List 7 random things about yourself

  1.  I am afraid of dogs. It is a trust thing.
  2.  I met my husband, a blind date, on Veteran’s Day.
  3.  My favorite foreign city is Florence, Italy.
  4.  I broke my nose playing basketball in college.
  5.  I prefer lunch to be the first meal of the day.
  6.  If I am interested in a project, I can stay up all night.
  7.  I am a very poor cook. Eat at your own peril.

4.Nominate 15 other bloggers

And the nominees are:


-Chief Writing Wolf    


-Artsy Forager   

-Urban Wall Art  and Murals 

 -persephone’s stepsisters

  -Lady Romp  




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-The Daily Racewood

-bluebutterfliesand me


If you copy the icon above, paste it into your media library. Then you can attach it to your post.

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Bettye W. Harwell

Current reading:

The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock

This is the story of an 18th century English woman, Mary Delany who, at age 72, invents collage. The author has woven together the facts of her life and the history of the period in which she lived with an interpretation of the flower ‘mosaicks’.

Along with these wonderfully detailed ideas, the author interspersed her own life. Using her access to Mary’s letters, books that were written soon after her death and photographs of the very old works on paper, the author tells a compelling story.

Blogging as a Resource

The other writer’s are very generous in sharing things that interest them or that may be of interest to others bloggers. That is how I came across this book. Published in 2010 by Bloombury, it is well worth reading for the description of Mary’s methods, about art theory, about the details of aristocratic women’s lives and the wonderful photography. The artwork reminds of the delicate glass flowers at Harvard University. Much study was entailed in that project.  Mary Delany was her own teacher.

The book also has me thinking about my shock after reading the sexual interpretations of Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Why, I wondered was it necessary to examine the artist and her work so intimately? Could the paintings of flowers, so advanced as portraits, be enough? The botanist will learn from Mary Delany’s work. I cannot question the author too much because of her book design. It is amazing that the works have survived. Still, as I am only halfway through, there is enough for the artist’s eye.

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Bicentennial Park HDRI

Bicentennial Park HDRI (Photo credit: HD_Vision)

English: "Wade in the Water." Postca...

English: “Wade in the Water.” Postcard of a river baptism in New Bern, North Carolina near the turn of the 20th century. 日本語: 黒人教会の浸礼 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a burning few weeks. The National-New York TV weathermen announced with a sad face, that on the day summer arrived, so did the first heat wave.

Huh? We have measured heat and waves very differently. And we stopped counting. Once the  brain refuses to count, it has been another hot one. And so what is there to do? Walk slowly. Watch children in the water fountains of Bicentennial park or what ever is on your TV news. Drink plenty of water.

Another channel is literally praying for rain. For our yards. Please do not get your prayers answered too generously. We had a fill of water in the flood. Fire in some states and flooding in others. If we can find the God-particle, why can’t we take water to the fires?

Update on Blog University -1

Yesterday’s post was a ‘featured post’ on Black Art in America (www.blackartinamerica.com). This website serves artists, collectors, and those interested in African-American culture. It was quite an honor to have my blog recognised so prominently. Check it out for news about events around the country.


It is heart-breaking to see the ravages of fire, and the loss of power. Someone once asked,”Why don’t you just go somewhere else?” Why, indeed. Where?

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