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Not So Perky

Miss Perky has given up on her finery after days of gloomy rain.

We will move her from the window nearer electric light. 

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My aunt read to us children while she ironed. Her selections were the classic stories from her youth or her teaching days. Rather than expect our schools to assign these old stories and writings by black authors, she supplemented our knowledge herself.

Which of the six children were readers? I do not know. I was one. The Public Library was about a mile away. It was the only place I could go alone. A rule prevented children from the adult room and the balcony.

Within a few years, probably aged ten, the librarians agreed with me that I had read all I needed to in the children’s room. (Even the chairs were too small.)

My favorite books were on the balcony. Egypt, Vikings and huge art books were like worlds away from the uncertainty I felt with no parents or home to return to. School libraries also provided novels to fantasize about. In our home, a glass-cased shelves held Daddy-Long Legs, Gulliver’s Travels, Robinson Crusoe and Pollyanna. They were reread many times.

As you know, I love Internet Archives for its mission to make books, music, radio programs and more available online and for free. I just read The Familiar Letters of Peppermint Perkins, pseud.. This book was printed in 1894, reprinted from the Boston “Saturday Evening Post”

The letters are written between 1885 and 1886. There are hilarious passages. They describe life and customs for both men and women. If you know Boston, you will enjoy and understand Peppermint’s references. So much is unchanged when she wonders why she, as a woman, should vote. Shelives with a brother, Joe and their mother.

I must confess that I find reading aloud difficult. However, this book would be hilarious entertainment for a family to read aloud together. I will urge my ‘dramatic’ granddaughters to take on some of the long passages. This book was downloaded to Kindle but there are more ways to read and enjoy.

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Ribbon! (Photo credit: Cut To Pieces)

Where are recent posts going? Why Dolls?

When you cannot sleep because your mind is making poetry or music, you might as well get up. The things you wanted to create, fly away like moths drawn to another light. I listened to C-span books for company: a reading by Alice Walker

Note to self: gift book for 60-year-old friends.
My project now is to explain why I have been posting about the dolls.

A search using Bing confirmed that my memory served me well. Using wax on dolls is an old tradition. For a sale, I gathered a small group of dolls made 10 years ago. The baked clay parts were sewn into kente cloth, stuffed with cotton batting. I had a badly broken ankle. This activity helped fill the sedentary hours. Now that I am using wax, it is natural to try the dolls again.

My restless thinking was wanting to explain more. To myself, if not to others. Should I write about my childhood dolls, ramble on about life, forget the point? That can wait.

Tonight it is about life. Define it in blocks of decades, places I have lived, etc. I want a timeline ribbon, smooth with some textured pattern woven in. It needs to be so long that knots will stand for difficult times. The lengths in between, decades noted. Such a ribbon would be like a river in the moonlight. Silvery bright, moving like silk in darkness toward a knot of rocks beyond the curves.

Have you seen preschoolers walk in tandem with large name tags swinging from their necks? Each has a little hand holding a rope, knotted to keep their places. My ribbon will have stories to tell, memories to share. When all senses diminish, the sense of touch remains.

Once I wanted a story quilt but now hope for the ribbon. If and when I move away, my ribbon can br pressed into my hand. It will not matter which end is loose. I will find a knot or smooth space with my fingers like the garbanzo bean rosary or greek worry beads.

My memories are told or untold? Have you heard this story before? Listen….



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English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...

English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Apple Inc.. The design of the logo started in 1977 designed by Rob Janoff with the rainbow color theme used until 1999 when Apple stopped using the rainbow color theme and used a few different color themes for the same design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is something to be said for serendipity or mental telepathy. As soon as the post was proofread, I pushed publish as the phone was ringing.

You guessed it! My favorite Mac store called to say my new computer was ready to be picked up. Now the real work begins. Am I excited, yes. Do I still think it would have been nice to have my purchase a month or more ago, yes.  Would I have cancelled the order in favor of another brand, never.

For all consumers here and now, please have the inventory for quick delivery. We are impatient people.

An apple a day

Mashable.com reports on the advertising app Apple is making for iPads and I am only thinking, “Why?”

Judith (booksbyjudith.wordpress.com) reports that her self-publishing efforts with the new iMAC has given her problems. And I am thinking, “Wonder if I would have the same problems.”

I am asking myself, “Why did Apple make the new, beautiful, thin MACs so difficult to upgrade?”

We, the Apple loyalists

Decisions on what to purchase, even by dedicated Apple-users, are made carefully. We are influenced by more than the ‘pretty face.’

Once we are ready to add to the annual toys, we are READY. It would be nice to walk out of the store with the box. It need not be gift wrapped. We know we may need help getting the new computer from the car to the house. The route and needed assist are as well-thought out as getting the nursery ready for the new addition. We are READY.

Never before have we had to wait, wait and wait for our purchase. Never before have we asked and received the blank stare. Like where is the computer? Like when will it arrive? These questions should not be too difficult to answer. And especially since the bill has been paid and we are READY.

Then, adding to the frustration, the old computer with the dancing screen, seems to know its best days are over. One day, it does its best. The next it seems in a slump of resignation. Reluctantly, it is as READY as we are to move on. A divorce is on the way. A  faster version may get here while still young and pretty or it may have aged in its travels. It may have battle scars and be as needy as the five-year old on my desk. Who knows?

Apple, Apple, we love you. We have worn out a museum full of every version you have made. Our toys include the iPADs and a few iPHONEs.  We have no complaints. We and they have served you well. We do not begrudge your need to promote your growing inventory, but please, ship the invisible iMAC soon.

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The differences between men and women

A man’s needs are simple
For friendship, he gets a dog;
For comfort, he seeks a man-cave.

A man-cave
His private lair
Complete with guys,
A 72″ Tee Vee where
Served by cold beer and wings
Served up by an anonymous,
Vanishing beauty.

The man-cave must be
Enclosed within a house:
Tight as the womb,
Rocking with music,
Waiting to seek
The mother’s milk.

A woman desires
A space for others
A kitchen equipped
To feed the hungry.
It must open to a room
For family and friends.
Let them see her effort
Let them praise her work.
While at their leisure.

The Romans lay on couches
Spitting grape seeds
She needs a bedroom
Until the babies come
And baths to clean
Her role is work:
From charity to church
A teacher, an example
Of respectability.
The laundry must be
Separate from his man-cave.

Enter at your peril!
Serve up the dishes!
More, more beer!
Here! here!

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Quit update – tech failure

Twitter from Fine Art America, home of bettye-harwell.artistwebsites.com:

Massive failure they are working on.

Follow their progress at


Reassuring that I know where I can be found.  (WordPress,Facebook,twitter)

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Photo of abstract painting and artist


Something is in the air. Not just the cold winter breezes. But my website




are down, down, down.

What next?

We exist inside the large and small boxes. Our identity is packaged and molded by 140 carats or the ping of email. Notifications now on my computer show (15) This is election day (delete/snooze).’  Since I voted early, I shall snooze.

Have you tried to look at my website art? If no one can find it, be assured that when it finds me, I will post it.

Who knew?

Internet Archives is a free website for books and music and other cool things. Their goal is to digitize all books and provide other digital services . The YouTube documentary shows a wonderful side of the business which is headquartered in San Francisco.  Be sure to see the chapel.

I like this site very much and have downloaded useful materials. From their newsletter:

Documenting the Internet Archive

A BBC film crew visited the Internet Archive earlier this year; here’s their story.


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