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This old house
Country comfort
Modern use
Sits nestled in the hills
Beside the river gorge
(or is it just a stream?)
The history of cows
And Roses,
Charming Thurber,
Talented Simott
In an upper room.
Young marrieds and children
Moving in tandem
Making space for more.

Times were different.
The occupants fewer now.
Their history-making
In the mold
Of Rose’s garden.

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Who knew?This edited information was received from

Black Art in America.

Congratulations to Jenne Glover and to the

Artist in Residence Program.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:IONA Senior Service Center Presents:Jenne Glover,

Artist in Residence

Exhibition and Workshops

Washington, DC/USA – May 9, 2012 –

The Gallery at Iona is one part of Iona Senior

Services extensive programs to support our

over 60 years young community.

Jenne Glover becomes one of the select regional artists to

participate in the 4 month exhibition and

community outreach project.

As Artist-in-Residence, she will be sharing her

talents with Iona’s Harry and Jeanette

Weinberg Wellness & Arts Center,

a state-of-the-art day program providing

adults aged 60 and above companionship,

nursing care,safety, and opportunities for

individual expression through a range of

enriching activities.

Jenne Glover, a home-grown figurative artist and art

blogger, will exhibit a retrospective of her artwork

from 1980 to 2012, featuring an array of colorful

oil paintings, intricate mixed media collages, and

hand-sewn textile montage wall hangings.

Capturing moments in time, her figurative

art style features images of masks, musicians,

athletes, lovers, women,

children, angels and more.

The exhibition runs May 15 to September 6, 2012.

For more information:


Patricia Dubroof, Gallery Director

IONA Senior Services

4125 Albemarle Street, NW

Washington, DC


pdubroof@iona.org (mailto:PDubroof@IONA.org)

Jenne Glover, Artist

jenneglover@gmail.com (mailto:jenneglover@gmail.com)

http://www.jenneglover.com (http://www.jenneglover.com/)

Visit Black Art in America website.

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Robert Sengstacke Abbott.

Image via Wikipedia

Robert Sengstacke Abbott became the owner and publisher of the Chicago Defender, a very successful newspaper for the African American community.

His publishing began with Abbott’s Monthly. This publication may have been an influence (more…)

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Weather report
Sun streaming in my house
“It will be a good day”
Temperature in the 70s
Sounds good to me.

In the car
Dark cloud hovering
just ahead.

where are you?
What do you see?
It looks like rain
to me.

The BIG number
NASA reports only 26 pieces of space junk are expected to hit earth tomorrow afternoon. If it misses North America, as now reported, should we be concerned? The impact still will be a worry to people living in other places.

Who knew?
The latest printers will give the news on your computer. You can print out daily suduko puzzles and horoscopes. There are coloring and scrapbook pages to print. Young children may be able to push the button and entertain themselves while eating breakfast. It will be interesting to see what is next? Perhaps pancakes and syrup while the parents sleep-in. (more…)

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