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Going to Colorado Springs, CO

In 1953, Colorado Springs was a pretty little town. Fort Carson was Camp Carson. Just before you entered the army post, a right turn took you up the mountain to Helen Hunt Falls. Halfway up, a left turn took you on a tiny road past the Crumpacker home to the Biltmore Hotel. You might have seen a six year old’s horse roaming on someone’s front lawn. There was no Air Force Academy in the city. Government security was hidden.

But the moment of inspiration was seeing the Garden of the Gods on the other side of town. The more we change things, the more the beauty of our country is needed to stay the same. Images found on google.com bring back memories of what now seems like an uncomplicated time.


Who knew?
Today Tennessee State Libraries and Archives (TSLA) has announced a collection of Civil War letters now available. These were written by the white officers who led black troops and what they did after the war. Most are familiar with the movie ‘Glory.’ We continue to educate ourselves about our history and heroes.


Note: The Juggler, posted yesterday, appeared in the WordPress ART category. It may be a fleeting appearance but appreciated.


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How many projects are you trying to handle right now? Are they things you want to do or that you are obliged to do? Can you consolidate or separate them?

Magazines and books present suggestions and answer to organize daily, weekly and monthly household tasks. These are usually aimed at an audience of women. These ideas do not simplify. They add to what must be done. A trail of projects to be done (refinishing kitchen cabinets, washing windows, time for family, time for self) is too much. Your energy level starts low causing a feeling of being overwhelmed.

You plan for a vacation by setting aside the money first before your bills are paid. Decide when and where it is the best time and place for your creative endeavors first. If all you can do is write in a closet, get your battery-operated light and a chair: WRITE. The kitchen table may be your studio after the lunches are prepared for the next day: PAINT. People are walking with a recorder and an ear piece. Perhaps they are talking the next great song: MAKE MUSIC. How long does it take to download it into a computer?

Progress and action inspire. Try not to work on all of these at one time unless they relate to each other. The juggler may drop a plate. Make it look like it is all part of the act. Let someone else pick it up. Do your art!

Who knew?
Jerome D. Biederman had an extraordinary career as an artist. He researched and painted all of the trains and cars. He was both a commercial artist and a fine art painter. You may find a reproduction of his work on a card, calendar or poster. Lucky you if there is a painting of his in the attic of the home you are about to sell!

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