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I used to answer telephone calls directed for my husband. The caller would settle for my opinion should he be away. Sometimes a parent of a prospective student called. I could reassure and offer to schedule my home and tour, or explain why hot water was in the toilet in the dorms. If you have followed this blog, you may have read about some creative ideas I come up with.

Late one night, the caller identified herself as a White House scheduler for President Nixon. I was friends with her parents and other family members. But this was a business call for my husband. Not finding him, she asked for my opinion.

Nixon was looking for an African-American (assumed to be male) who had two Ph.ds. One degree in Biophysics and the other in  Psychology.  My initial reaction was what? Yes, in the ’70s more advanced degrees were being earned by African-Americans, both male and female. But it would narrow the field. It seemed a curious combination, but what did I know?

After sharing my confusion, I assured her it would be better to contact John in his office. i also said, in my opinion, this would be a difficulr search. 

I did understand the value Nixon hoped to get. He wanted to understand how his pronouncements would be processed. His headlines on the front pages of newspapers (google ‘newspapers’), in the strongest way, told readers  what he would do.  Then, near the obituaries, a much smaller article would describe how Nixon would take the opposite position.

This allowed President Nixon to do either of these things. If your were for the first action, you were satisfied. Also the opposite action. This left it so  one or neither action could be taken wiithout too much dissent.

This was my opinion and now it helps me understand current politicians and their inconsistent promises. One way to keep the masses happy. 


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Every shooting. Every death by gun. Every person clinging for life after gun shots. Every person with physical problems after being shot. Every person living in fear being trapped by a villan with a gun.

Fill in the blanks. We dither along waiting for another gunner, shooting randomly, wounding and kiling. Each time we think of prayer. We call our children home from danger as we know it.but home has villans who we know. School and work have the villan who is a stranger.

We know his gun. It is most often a man. We know he can buy a gun, more weapons, protective clothing and…bullets. We know neither him nor his guns are able to function without bullets.

The Constitution is brought up in every tragic time. The confusing second amendment  talks about being armed and a militia. It was a different time. It was meant to provide security for the citizens in their homes. 

At that time, men made their own bullets.  The materials cost money, needed time and care. Houeholds used a gun for food in rough territory.  Men had a gun to protect the wife and children. The enemies were Native Americans and drunkards. They knew they had to be ready to fight for the country. See the early town histories online like Ashburton, MA. Even in war, when called to serve, they brought their own gun and a few precious bullets. There was time between battles to replace the used bullets.

This was before the Wild West because the West was KY. I enjoy the emails from  a gifted researcher on KY history.

Today our politicians are unwilling to make a plan for homeland safety when the danger is from the gun. It is not an original idea with me. It skirts the Constitutional mythology. It removes individual responibility. It protects the weakness in our government. It avoids the issue of not being able to change people’s behavior. It may do nothing but limit the gun by restrcting the sale of bullets.

How many bullets did early citizens have on average? How many bullets are used to kill one person?  How many bullets do police use to take down a Michael Brown?  Take the best measure. 5? Ten? 20?

Make the legal amount one that can be sold at any one time.  Compare that to what we learn mass shooters, mass killers, bring to te scene. We must sign at Walgreens for drugs taken off the shelves. You no longer can buy enough to make meth. And if you do, there may be a knock at the door.

We must love ourselves and our families enough to find ways to stop the carnage of our children.  By allowing it to continue, to increase in numbers, we become the lawless also. If you go with a bank robber but stay outdoors, you get the same justice. If we do not solve this puzzle, there will be no justice.

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Did many-times presidential aspirant, really say that he is recruiting billionaires to run for office? Yes, he did. Ralph Nader has decided to pass his mantel to some deserving billionaire. The movement will be decided by a judge of one. Ralph Nader.

His new theory is that a billionaire, as president, would bring forward all of the solutions Nader has promoted. This is based on the realization that he is not the best in the political heat. He did make an effort strong enough to stop Gore from winning. At least, that has been one post-election theory. No one can carry the election without a 51 state organization. Obama has proved that.

But why recruit from billionaires who will answer his call? He said he has received some interest to evaluate. He did say they were in the optimal group because they have demonstrated the welfare of others is important. I can not quote him, but I am certain his words are on the internet.

Nader has, without doubt,a greater knowledge of billionaires than most of us. And there are some good guys. They have the option of spending their money on good causes as they see fit. Or not. They have learned the value of the bottom line. And for some, getting there may not be from being overly generous with workers, consumers, or the under-employed.

But, who am I to have an opinion? Ralph Nader will pick his rich puppet and the voters will decide. I hope to learn the criteria used in his or her selection.

Of the pool of billionaires, how many were born in the U.S.? What business and inheritances made their financial successes? Where and how is their wealth invested? What public statements indicate knowledge and expertise in governing?

In other words, how would a hand-picked candidate, responsible to one man’s idealism, stand up against polished politicians? It might be refreshing. Who knows?

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