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FIVE ARTISTS : National Archives and Records Administration : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archivehttps://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.50813#



For High a School Juniors and Seniors

Possible resources

School art teachers

School college counsellors

Other college students, professional artists

Online college websites, courses in catalog

Visit schools for best match

 …  All art
… Liberal arts with good art department

 …   Support system for students

   …. Style of work product of students, faculty
Colleges that will acceptstate financial aid from lottery. Usually 2 year colleges that feed into. 4 year school.
Look at Watkins, Chicago Art Institute, Memphis, schools in your area in of interest and pick a challenge as one choice. You may not be accepted, but you could be! Just completing the application will be a learning experience. 
Build up some work experience, cooking (chef) is the latest art form!

Do some volunteering or in-service-training. Try a frame shop or gallery where you will see some of the business of art. 
If you want art to be major in your life, look, read, explore,record …

Enjoy! The beauty of being an artist is you can learn and achieve at your own pace. You cannot be compared to anyone else but you can learn from others. Ask for help when you need it. Date your work or just keep a record. Stop when you have done your best and start something new. Next time you look at it, it could be the best. Who knows?

Check out my paintings



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From: Sandi Gorin via <kyresearch@rootsweb.com>Date: November 19, 2015 at 7:39:18 AM CST

To: KYRESEARCH@rootsweb.com


Reply-To: Sandi Gorin <sgorin@glasgow-ky.com>

I enjoy the historical information in emails from Sandi Gorin. She researches and writes about Kentucky. However, you can learn a lot even if that state is not your primary interest. You can see that she has broader interests and ties them in to local history.

Most states have an immigrant population. Hope you will enjoy this item she posted.  At the bottom helpful hints to follow. 


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Who Knew?

My list of foods to avoid now includes things not on the green, leafy list::

Cashews (and some other nuts)
All-purpose Vitamins

I am now a food-detective. These are high in Vitamin K.

As they say, check with your doctor.

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Photo of abstract painting and artist


Something is in the air. Not just the cold winter breezes. But my website




are down, down, down.

What next?

We exist inside the large and small boxes. Our identity is packaged and molded by 140 carats or the ping of email. Notifications now on my computer show (15) This is election day (delete/snooze).’  Since I voted early, I shall snooze.

Have you tried to look at my website art? If no one can find it, be assured that when it finds me, I will post it.

Who knew?

Internet Archives is a free website for books and music and other cool things. Their goal is to digitize all books and provide other digital services . The YouTube documentary shows a wonderful side of the business which is headquartered in San Francisco.  Be sure to see the chapel.

I like this site very much and have downloaded useful materials. From their newsletter:

Documenting the Internet Archive

A BBC film crew visited the Internet Archive earlier this year; here’s their story.


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Thanks so much for your posts and for re-reading Nella. The Morena St. house underwent some changes after I took photos when researching the book. I’ve forgotten the professor/administrator’s name, but he did the work in the 1990s, so fairly recent history.
Bettye, it is great to see you off on yet another project. You are amazing. I am glad to see that you are feeling so much better.
Many thanks for sharing. This is fascinating to re-visit after so long.
Love, Thadious

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"Looking toward Fisk University"

The Shadow

Larsen Home, Front View
For details see Nella Larson written by Thadious Davis

"Little Theater, Fisk U.
Made using former slave quarters

"The Johnson House"
Built by Sinclair Oil for the Johnsons

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Genealogy gives unexpected connections
This July 26 I was going through books for a new bookcase. One by one, each book was scanned and enjoyed more as I neared the bottom of the pile. There were genealogy guides  to direct  research into family lore.

One nugget was “to look for relatives in old books.”  Using my Kindle, (more…)

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